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Ooooh, a consignment of money to MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 6.52.19 PM

(Reminder: this is a SCAM)

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Jesus Heals Lepers

My friend Renee sent this one, along with several Christian cartoons, but this one really made me laugh. Yes, as Christians, it is OK to show the image of Jesus.

In our book, the Bible, there are even small jokes. In one verse, a man is told that Jesus, the Messiah, had come from Nazareth, and the man says “can anything good come out of Nazareth?” People are people, yes, it was meant to be humorous.

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 10.46.29 AM

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‘Putin’ On The Ritz in Moscow, LLOOOLLL

Oh Hayfa, this is one of the best flash-mobs ever! I wanted to be there!

I always thought Kuwait was ripe for a flash mob at the junction where the Fintas Expressway joined 6th Ring road. Never had the courage; even though you’d have to wait 6 – 9 light changes to get through. Figured the morality police would have me up on charges, LOL.

Best Best eveh!

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“Ho Ho Ho” AdventureMan

We were leaving a restaurant and AdventureMan started laughing. “You’ve got to see this!” he said, and when I did, I just walked on and left him laughing, but when I got to the car, I had second thoughts, and said “I need to go back and take a picture,” and I was laughing, too.

AdventureMan, get your mind out of the gutter.

He thinks this is hilarious.


“That reindeer is having a very merry Christmas!” chortles AdventureMan.

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“Have You Seen the Photo of Qatar’s New Stadium?”

. . . our son asked us after work today.


We both looked blank. No, no we haven’t.


He brought up the photo on the iPad. Oh. NO. Noooooooooo!


LOL, who sold this idea to the Qataris?


People are already calling it the Vagina Stadium. Oh NOOOO!

Al-Wakrah stadium

I know just the Qatar skyscraper to partner with this new stadium; I shuddered as it was rising on the Corniche:



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“Another Word for Babies is Insects”

One of the great wonderful things that has happened with living in Pensacola is that I get to spend a lot of time with my two little grandchildren, one of whom is two months old and just loves to be held, and one of whom is three years old and loves to talk.

I adore them both, but the three year old is so much more interesting, as he can talk and express himself and I love the way a three year old thinks.

We talk a lot. The other day we were talking about breaking things like arms – he had just broken his arm in two places and got a 1 (needs improvement) on “uses playground equipment safely” LOL. I had just told him how my sister broke both of her arms, not at the same time, and how we had each broken a leg skiing.

“You know, Shisha, you’re a lot like a boy,” he said to me, and I knew it was a compliment but I couldn’t help laughing.

“Why do you say that?” I asked, and got some evasive answer – even a three year old has a sense of when a thought might be out of the ordinary.

This week, though, he really gave me a good laugh when he came running in and showed me his weekly sheet, with green happy faces (that is a very good thing) and a photo of himself as a baby.

“Another word for babies is ‘insects!'” he announced, and I couldn’t help it, I laughed.


“No! No! It’s ‘infants!'” I said, and made him watch my lips as I said it because it’s one of those words where we kind of cut off the t at the end, and he got it right. I laughed, knowing it must be “I” week at his school and how very cool is it that they are teaching three year olds such words as “infant” and “Insect” and so what if it takes a little while to get them all straight, just hearing them and seeing them applied is such a good thing.


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God-With-A-Sense-of-Humor at King O Felafel in Orlando

After driving seven and a half hours to get to the convention hotel, AdventureMan and I needed dinner! We settled in to our hotel and took a quick look at the menu – nope. We needed something comforting, something familiar. And there it was, just one minute, I am not kidding, from our hotel, the King O Felafel.

God-with-a-sense-of-humor had plopped us splat down in a hotel in the middle of Middle-Eastern-Land. Minutes from Disney, minutes from all the shoddy tackiness of Orlando, we find ourselves “home.”

The King O Felafel’s shop was full of regulars, including one very large family taking up about five tables all put together, and having a wonderful time. The King himself makes his own felafels, using that little felafel making tool, he was so quick. The was clean clean clean, and service was quick.

We started with lentil soup, and I ordered the Vegetarian Platter (which was like a mezze) and AdventureMan ordered a Felafel Sandwich.

Oh, how we have been yearning for the simple joy of a felafel sandwich done right. The King O Felafel was heaven for us.


Thank goodness I remembered to take a picture before we demolished the entire platter!

00King O Felafel Mezze

So simple, so good. A homemade felafel. Perfection.

00King O Felafel Sandwich

00KingOFelafel Salad

This shop is not undiscovered. He has a large clientele of all kinds of people who appreciate superb food, beautifully and tastily prepared.

Across the street from the King O Felafel is a mosque which also has a gym and a meeting hall. There are several other ‘Mediterranean’ restaurants nearby, and several hookah lounges. There are so many shops in this little area of Kissimmee with ‘halal’ foods and even groceries selling halal meats. Wow.

Mosque – my photo was blurry, so I grabbed this from Google Maps. I guess it used to be a computer shop; now it has arabic writing on it and a sign that says it is the AMYL Center (Masjid Shadi)

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 4.33.11 PM



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My Visitors from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Every now and then I check statistics, see who’d dropping by, see what they are looking at. My Mongolian friends always give me a grin; I get about four a day, they are all looking at the same post:

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 4.25.49 PM

Be careful what you blog, LOL, sometimes it assumes a life of it’s own.

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Where Atz Lee Kilcher and Family Really Live (JOKE!)

First, this really is not where Atz Lee Kilcher lives, but as we drove out to the end of the road going up Kachemak Bay, we saw so many houses that look self-sustaining, or as self-sustaining as possible. We saw old Volkswagon buses, used as chicken coops, old school buses used as green houses; we saw a lot of homesteads that looked like they were using solar power and growing a lot of their own produce. We saw horse barns and ATVs and cranes and big barns. We saw all kinds of signs of self-sustaining people who are loving life in Homer, Alaska.

Do you know who Atz Lee Kilcher is? The Discovery Show has a reality show called Alaska, the Last Frontier, and it is one of my guilty pleasures. I have a good friend whose husband also follows the adventures of this hard-working, self-sustaining family. My friend joked with me as we left “Say hello to Atz Lee for us!”

So as we drove along, looking at all these wonderful homes, I saw this one, and thought to myself . . . maybe this is where the Atz Lee family really lives. They film all these outbuildings, and the family going out hunting in boats, or taking their cranes on their barge, or taking their horses to run the cows back home – but maybe “reality” is all that AND they live in comfort in this beautiful house outside Homer. Atz Lee Kilcher does live on Kachemak Bay and there are a lot of lovely houses along Kachemak Bay.


Remember, this is a joke, I do not know where Atz Lee really lives, only when I looked at this house I thought it would be funny if this is where they really lived.

UPDATE: When I wrote this post, it was a joke, and I had no idea how many people would come her to see where the Kilchers live. Actually, without knowing, we were on the Kilcher road, and I believe this home is on the same road which connects to Kilcher road, called Merrimac road. You can see Kilcher road on Google Maps:

Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 7.55.50 PM

It isn’t far out of Homer, an easy drive. The scenery is BEAUTIFUL. The Kilchers homesteaded one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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The M/V Kennicott and the Birders

I hesitate to even write this post, but it was a significant part of our first day on board. AdventureMan and I headed for the forward deck just after we had eaten lunch, and found a nice place to watch departure and the whales and the passing scenery. As we stood there, a crowd began to gather, and they were all chirping and grabbleing, and the group got larger and larger and we kind of got shoved aside. It wasn’t intentional, it’s just as the group grew in size, like minded birders, they just backed out, and pushed into us.

Birders. There was a group of birders on board. We like birders. We belong to a bird group! But these birders are seriously focused people. Have you seen the movie The Big Year? These birders were loaded for bear, all decked out in foul weather gear, real rubber overalls and headgear, and had serious huge single-focus lensed cameras and equally formidable bird spotters.

They took over the forward deck.


Like I say, my emotions are mixed on this, because we like birds, too. We like people who like birds. We don’t much like being pushed aside, and having to climb over equipment set up where people usually walk. For those inside, the best viewing is from the forward lounge, and there were so many of the birders, busy spotting, that you really couldn’t see from the inside, nor could you get one of these prime positions on the forward deck because they would be first up in the morning to get the spot, and they would hang out there dawn to dusk.

One of the birders turned out to be a person who knows a very good old friend of mine – life is funny that way, and you can meet some great people on the Alaskan Ferries.

We had to admire their focus, and their persistence, and their seriousness with which they pursued their passion.


When we hit Yakutat, they were first off the boat, early, 5 in the morning kind of early, the whole flock of ‘em, beady little eagle eyes sharply seeking unusual birds for their check lists. You could hear them making bird noises. Back on the ship, someone would say something and all eyes, all binoculars, all cameras would turn in one direction, and people would take their best shots. They manned their prime observation post with military dedication.

They left the boat at Whittier, on the second day. We wished the all success, and we were glad to have access to the front viewing deck once again.

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