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Chicken Nuggets and Big Macs

Brava, Chicken Nuggets, you have taken what was apparently meant to be an insult, and turned it into a badge of honor. And well you should.

Kuwaiti has been a major trading crossroad for centuries. It would follow that there has been a lot of mixing, as traders pass through, people travel to foreign lands, historically, as well as now. As genetic testing becomes more acceptable, we are all bound to discover that we are much more mixed, and much more alike, than we ever knew. And, there are bound to be surprises, as men and women don’t always fertilize within acceptable societal boundaries.

When you walk around, you see Kuwaitis with the faces of India, Iran, Iraq, Africa, even possibly faces from the earliest adventures of Alexander the Greek. This is a good thing, the intermingling of cultures and bloodlines build strength, resilience and flexibility.

There is a wonderful book you will enjoy reading –

    Third Culture Kids

by David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken. While the focus is on young people raised outside their own culture – diplomat kids, oil kids, missionary kids, international business kids – the findings apply to all those who learn to function in more than one culture. You learn that feeling alien and weird is NORMAL for TCK’s during adolescence, and well into their 20’s and even their 30’s.

At some point, however, you realize that every culture you understand, every additional language you master, every new experience brings a whole new tool chest to your life, new perspectives and additional ways of thinking through life problems.

You, dear ones, are the hope of tomorrow. You are international citizens, having a larger world view because of your mixed upbringing. You have MORE THAN double the advantages (culture 1 + culture 2) you have the additional advantage of the (C1xC2) blend. (Hearing strains of “We are Nuggets; hear us roar in numbers too big to ignore . . !”)

. . . . So. . . if you are (golden, delicious, juicy) little chicken nuggets, what are the men of mixed Kuwaiti and western heritage – Big Macs?? Burger Kings?? (cracking myself up)

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  1. Thank you 🙂

    Well said.

    And as you can tell from the name of my blog, I am proud of what I am, as I am able to get the best of both worlds.

    Comment by miyafushi | September 14, 2006 | Reply

  2. Miyafushi – You were one of my inspirations.

    Comment by intlxpatr | September 15, 2006 | Reply


    I am so amazed at how you turned something that I saw as derogatory into something to be proud of. I still can’t completely accept the term but the kind of people you describe to be nuggets …that I LOVE 🙂

    Comment by 1001 Nights | September 20, 2006 | Reply

  4. 1001:

    Hmmmmm. . .. takes one to know one? These nuggets are going to love being adults. They have skill sets they don’t even know they have.

    Comment by intlxpatr | September 20, 2006 | Reply

  5. I am just amazed at how well you write! Keep-on going you are just so good… mary

    Comment by Blogs, news and more! | January 12, 2007 | Reply

  6. am pure kuwatii both parents are kuwaitii and all my family are kuwaitis and am still considered to be a chicken nugget and a mcchicken. this term isnt used just for those who has just one kuwaiti parent it is used for every person that actually speaks kuwaiti (arabic) but is comfortable in speaking english or mixing arabic with english words. and i am actually proud to be a chicken nugget 🙂

    Comment by Pure kuwaiti | March 21, 2009 | Reply

  7. Pure Kuwaiti – Words morph, and it has been almost three years now. I think the term has shifted to the meaning you explained; other blogs have said the same thing.

    What I think is amazing is the blogs that shift back and forth, Tara blah blah blah maskeena! LOL, I can pick out enough words I know here and there most of the time to figure out what they are saying from context, but those of you who speak Arabic, English AND one or two other languages – and it is amazing how many of you speak Hindi, Urdu, French, Japanese, Spanish . . . you are the world citizens of tomorrow. I am proud to step back and let you take over. 🙂

    Comment by intlxpatr | March 21, 2009 | Reply

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