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Getting Started Blogging in Kuwait

Honestly, don’t do this at home. Don’t do it like I did it. I am SO slow, I watched different bloggers, I read my favorites, I even read bloggers I really didn’t like. Did I say I am really slow? I have been reading different blogs for about a year.

Finally, inspired by two Kuwaiti women who blog – Jewaira and 1001 Kuwaiti Nights – I decided to explore what it takes to blog, so I looked at both e-blogger and WordPress. Actually, I looked several times. What is really scary to me is that you click something and Voila! here is how you sign up. I ended up with a blog and didn’t know half of how they function, even after all this time exploring. I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out, and the train has left the station . . .

Technicalities – how do you put something in an entry so that others can just click on that entry and go there? Why do some bloggers have such gorgeous pages; I don’t see “gorgeous pages” as an option under presentation? I don’t think I understand “trackback” at all, even though I have read the explanation on WordPress several times. And how do feeds work? (You don’t have to answer these, these are just things that still puzzle me.)

Blog ettiquette – if you want to put someone else’s blog on a sidebar, do you write and ask them if they mind?

I’m sort of glad I was forced to jump. . . I could spend a lot more time exploring and never understand how it’s done. To me, it’s all about communicating. I can see that other blogs have other purposes – self-exploration, religious prosletizing, attracting friends, political commentary, talking tech stuff, talking food, talking children, talking health . . . Mostly mine will be travel, books, current issues . . .any insights will be accidental.

If you have suggestions for this blog that are technical, please use small, very clear words and short sentences!

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