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Date Night in Kuwait

Because my husband’s weekend is Friday, Thursday night is our date night in Kuwait. We have a tradition of going out for a nice dinner together.

We used to drive our son crazy. We would say “Hey, want to go to Rio Bravo (Mexican) with us?” and about a third of the way there, my husband would say “You know, I just have this yen for sushi!” and I would go “Oh! Me too!” and our son would pipe up “No! No! No! That’s ‘bait and switch!’ No! That’s not fair!”

(Now he laughs and tells us that it runs in the family; that he and his wife do the same thing – and, he now also eats sushi. My sisters’ families tell me they do it too – it must be a family culture thing.)

So last night we were on our way to Biella’s at the Marina Crescent. But oh, the traffic on the Corniche! Maybe we should just eat Chinese in the neighborhood? What about the seafood buffet at the Crown Plaza? Or . . . finally we decided on Paul’s down at Fehaheel, and hoped there was a parking space.


They have a new mall opening just across the main street from the Al Kout Mall, Al Manshar, with a great big apartment building and a great big new hotel, a Chili’s, a Johnny Rocket’s and a food court – a few of the merchants and restaurants are already open – but only like 40 parking spaces???? Go figure! Even worse, it is right next to a beautiful mosque, so at prayer time, there is NOWHERE for anyone to park. And the driving in Fehaheel at night is crazy . . . minimally better than Gulf Road. Take another look at the photo – those two outcroppings are perfect for a bridge, a la Marina Mall – connecting one mall to the other, and sharing parking spaces.

At Paul’s in Fehaheel it was comfortable enough, with their fans, to eat outside, by the big shallow water-fountain pavillion. Great food – we had the Camembert – noisette salad, onion soup and the smoked salmon pasta, most of which we brought home because the soup and salad had been so good. Best of all was just being together, sharing our week and having a relaxed, delicious meal together.

And it was there I told him about my blog. I don’t like keeping secrets from my husband. I wanted to see if blogging was something I really wanted to do before I told anyone. Last weekend, when he was asking me to explain blogging to him, I was afraid he was on to me. He wasn’t; it was a co-incidence, but I knew someone was bound to figure it out sooner or later, and I really wanted to tell him. I was ready.

Last night when we got home I showed him the blog and he was amazed. It is so cool to have such a great evening together, great meal, great conversation, and, after all these years being married, to be able to surprise him now and then – in a good way. It was one of our best dates.


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  1. This looked like a normal post until the end, It made me laugh 🙂

    ..”And it was there I told him about my blog”… I can imagine a face with big eyes, jaw down till Africa, maybe Australia, and you asking for forgivness, but none of that happened, so the meal must have been good.

    Comment by Purgatory | September 29, 2006 | Reply

  2. And YOU gave me a good laugh! It never occurred to me that I might have to ask for forgiveness! Trying it out quietly seemed to be to be a good idea; I might not have enjoyed it. I think my greatest fear was rude people, and I might have just quit.

    But you are right, his eyes got great big and the jaw dropped down to Africa. He asked some basic questions about security, being careful, etc. I didn’t mind; he wasn’t being controlling, just caring. And he is so proud of me for figuring out all the technologies all by myself! It gave us both a big grin 😉 Thanks for your comment.

    Comment by intlxpatr | September 29, 2006 | Reply

  3. […] on March 9, 2008 Last night H & I took my aunt’s advice and went out for date night. We had a hoot of a time – especially since one of us is a very fine […]

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