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Autumn Splendor

I haven’t been home at this time of year for almost ten years. The sun is out, the beauty takes my breath away. Amidst the duties of life, some joyful blessings:


Trees close to the beach


A great place for playing and hiding in the driftwood


Fishing boat

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Ramadan Fastathon

While I have learned to stream NPR (National Public Radio) on my computer in Kuwait, nothing beats listening to it in “real time” here. Today, while listening, I learned that university students locally are fasting in support of their Islamic brothers and sisters, and they call it a “Fastathon”. They sign up to fast for a day, and can attend that night’s Ifthar supper. Local merchants will donate money to some charity for every person who signs up.

The interviews – some students got it – that fasting cleanses the system, that it is to experience sympathy with the poor . . . and then there is one poor sap who says “Yeh, I heard of Ramadan. I think it is a political party that causes problems in the Middle East.” Doh.

My Mother just called to ask if Omar, my father’s health care aid, can eat the lentil soup I fixed for their supper. “No! No!” I cry, “it has Jimmy Dean sausage in it!” but Mom says it is no problem, as Dad really wants the chicken noodle soup from last night, and that one is totally halal. Omar can’t eat until seven, so they are waiting so they can all eat together. Ramadan awareness is definitely on the rise here.

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Public Art

My home town sponsors a huge Arts fest every year, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they donate to different charities. Each year, in addition, they donate a piece of art to the community. I love this place. This is what I saw on the BeachWalk, about two miles of public path along the beachfront, punctuated with public art.

This is called the Whale Watchers

This is the breakwater wall, with shells, periwinkles, and sand patterns sculpted into it.



And this is my favorite:


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