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The Golden Crown

I was folding the laundry, and I could hear my Dad scolding my Mom in the next room.

“Those health care workers are for me! They’re not supposed to be ironing, or vacuuming, or helping you, they are supposed to be helping ME!”

She had just finished asking him for a check, so I could take her out to buy a couple new pair of pants. Back in the house now, he is busy retaking lost territory and asserting who’s the boss.

In the car, she weeps.

“What am I going to do?” she asks me.

Inspiration strikes.

“Mom, remember the golden crown you wore at the rehersal dinner, the night before the wedding? I saw it on the top shelf of the linen closet when I was putting things away.”

She looks at me like I am out of my mind.

“Mom, when he talks to you that way, don’t talk back. Just go get the crown and put it on. Don’t say anything, just wear the crown.”

She starts to giggle. Good. Got her laughing.

“Why would I wear a crown?” she demands.

“Because it will drive Dad crazy. Eventually, he will have to ask you why you are wearing the crown, and you can just tell him it reminds you of a time when you were treated with respect, and you were happy.”

At this point, we both dissolve in giggles. I don’t think she will ever put the crown on – she has her own ways of dealing with Dad. But at least she remembers that things have not always been this way, and she can hold her head high.

My husband reminds me that one day, we too will be facing the challenges of being, we hope, very old. He says we will probably be nasty and angry, too at losing control over our lives, at losing independance. Having that kind of input is one of the benefits of having been married to the same person for a long time. Hope someone gives me a golden crown.

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Tash Ma Tash takes on Muttawa?

I love NPR. Today, in a Ramadan special, they discussed the 16th season of the Saudi Arabia soap Tash ma Tash. I remember it got a lot of attention a couple years ago. NPR says that this year, they are taking on the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Supression of Vice. There is a village where the morals police have determined that women should not be riding their donkeys on the same trails the men are, or that perhaps they should be fully enclosed in some kind of bubble, or maybe a special underground tunnel should be built solely for the use of women to keep them from view of the men.

Is anyone following this? National Public Radio also said that this year the topic was too hot for the official Saudi channel to handle, so it is being shown on MBC. I am not there – can you tell me how it is working?

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Cutting Edge News in Kuwait

Watching the evening news tonight, as they discussed the possibility of another nuclear test by North Korea, they dramatically showed the night photo of North and South Korea featured in DonVeto’s blog, right here in Kuwait – FOUR days ago!

I’m still learning this linking thing. Click on the blue words below to go to the north/south Korea photo:

You saw it first here in Kuwait. And yes, Don Veto, your source was reliable. Way to go.

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