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Dubai 2010

My niece (Little Diamond aka adiamondinsunlight) doesn’t have her own blog yet. Until she does, I get to share all the information she shares with me.

This one is from New Left Review and is a fascinating article about the Dubai of the Future, a playground for the rich and idle, with unimaginable luxuries – but at what cost?

Dubai of the Future

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“Trending” toward Democrat

I love to watch language change and evolve, and it’s happening all the time. Today on NPR the announcer was talking about the upcoming mid-term elections in the US in November, and he was talking about states that are “trending towards Democrats”. I haven’t heard “trend” used as a verb before, but why not? I “google”, and been googled. I blog! All kinds of words are transitioning from noun to verb. I wonder if the same thing is happening in Arabic?

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“How Can I NOT Help You?”

Today I was steamed. I don’t get really steamed often, but man, I was red hot steamed. It is my last week here. I have been focused on family business, but now it is time to scurry, to take care of business.

I remembered that the battery on the Apples around the time when I bought my Mac laptop has been recalled, so I went, first thing this morning, to CompUSA nearby. There isn’t a customer in the store. A guy asks if he can help me and I tell him I need to know if my computer should have a new battery. He blah blahs saying I need to contact Apple. He takes me to the customer service guy. He says blah blah I need to contact Apple. He also says there is an Apple tech at the other CompUSA, three miles away.

I know where it is – that’s where I bought it. So I drive the three miles and the Apple tech says blah blah blah you have to contact Apple.


I could have contacted Apple from Kuwait! I bought the computer in THAT store, but now it’s all “go away, we can’t help you.” I remember when you bought Apples at Apple stores and they always knew what you were talking about when you walked in and they could fix anything.

Rant. Rant. Rant.

But it’s a good reminder. We always complain about indifferent customer service in Europe and Kuwait. It’s nice to be reminded that we also have great customer indifference here, too. (sarcasm, in case you don’t recognize it because I use it so rarely. I really am still steamed.)

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