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Fundamentally Green

Yesterday on National Public Radio, they did a segment on evangelical churches going “green”, i.e. environmentally conscious, and the problems it was causing the Republican party, who count on fundamental support.

Many of the churches are focusing on our stewardship of the environment, and setting up all kinds of recycle programs, calling in their “environmental tithe: (10% of your income.)


The problem is, the Democratic party is the party focused on the environment. So with the November elections coming up, NPR was examining how the shift in thinking will influence the voting.

There are other issues on which Democrats and Republicans differ – my guess is that those issues will have more influence on how people vote. But it is interesting that the “green” issue was raised – it could be a growing influence. The baby-boom generation are still a big voting bloc, and things may shift as they near retirement, and focus differently.

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National Public Radio

I like BBC, but most of the time I find I don’t like listening twice to the same program. When you get tired of BBC, here is an alternative: National Public Radio.

You can stream National Public Radio through your computer, and listen to All Things Considered, The Beat . . . all kinds of things you never knew existed. National Public Radio was the only local American station to broadcast Ramadan and Eid greetings, and carried a lot of coverage of the season – objective and factual.

One of my favorite shows is “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” which is a cafe-style conversation between very witty people discussing the news of the week. They really skewer politicians who have said stupid things, sing funny songs parodying events, and you just can’t help but laugh out loud when you listen.

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myafrica September Statistics

I like Africa anyway, but this blogger, Cerengeti, goes way outside the Africa box. He has gathered statistics from all over the world – and he gives all the references – that are amazing, horrifying, fascinating – from abortion in India to plagiarism in the United States – take a look at Myafrica’s Index for September 2006.

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Last Minute Upheaval

As I looked at my two suitcases, two days from travelling, and then at all the things that needed to get into my suitcases, I had a bad feeling. I figured out what I would need for the next couple days and started packing all the rest. . .good thing, too. It was never going to fit.

Fortunately there is a Staples next door, and I could run over and buy a box. When I got there, a clerk was putting out computer paper, and he had some sturdy boxes he was going to break down, so I didn’t even have to buy one, he just gave it to me.

That’s the thing about addictions – they take up space. Books, shoes, fabrics, clothing, cooking supplies . . .

Got the extras packed into the box and mailed off, even had just a tiny bit of room to spare when my parents gave me six cans of Alaskan canned salmon. Oh Yum! But that is it. Cannot even allow myself to wander into a store, no! no! no!


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