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Judicial Staff Immunity (??) (!)

Page 6, Kuwaiti Times News In Brief

“Major General Thabit Al Muhanna has instructed officials of the traffic department not to issue any tickets against members of judicial staff such as judges, prosecutors and investigators, reported Al-Qabas. He said that they were also not authorized to report any of these members to police or any other officials for investigations. He said the traffic department officials in these cases should only record the civil ID details of said members.”

The judiciary is held to a LESSER standard than the average citizen? In most countries, the judiciary (my son is a prosecutor) is held to a HIGHER standard, because they are the ones who must dispense justice with wisdom . . . How can they prosecute, investigate, judge with clear conscience when they are exempt from the laws they implement?

October 31, 2006 - Posted by | Cross Cultural, ExPat Life, Kuwait, News, Political Issues, Social Issues


  1. Everyone should be treated equally before the law and those in public positions must set an example to the general public

    Comment by Jewaira | November 2, 2006 | Reply

  2. Amen, Lady.

    Comment by intlxpatr | November 3, 2006 | Reply

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