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Two Months and Still Learning

This is another anniversary of sorts – around now I have been blogging for two months.

I’ve been reading the Kuwait blogs for more than a year. I knew I was moving here and I wanted to know what it is like. I could get lots of hard information on web sites, but I wanted to know the “feel” of the place, and once I started reading blogs, I was hooked.

Somewhere along the way, I was tempted beyond my ability to resist to comment – I think it was when 1001 Kuwaiti Nights then ZinZin, asked if anyone out there was reading her blog. . . and her blog remains one of my favorites to this day. Then Jewaira wrote a story about vampires, and I found myself making an analogy to those of us who float around watching, but not participating – it’s kind of like being un-dead. The last straw was when – I think it was Erzulie called those who read without commenting, without blogging “floaters”, which has a very disgusting connotation. . . and all those factors came together, and I figured that yes, it is a big risk, but I don’t want to be a “floater.”

Went with WordPress, and man, am I glad I did. There are some NASTY people out there! They would fill my comment section with totally disgusting stuff were it not for the Spam catcher!

It took me a while to figure out the mechanics, but it’s been fun, it’s been a growth experience, and it’s been therapeutic when going through some tough times. Only after I had been blogging for a month did I tell anyone I was blogging – the first one I told was my husband, then my son and then my niece. Slowly, slowly, I have been telling my friends. Pretty much they are all shocked, and then delighted. As you know, my niece Little Diamond also now has her own blog.

I have my own reasons for blogging – and one of them is to get down in writing some of what I experience. One thing I learn every day is that when change comes, it can come in a flash, and everything changes. You learn to survive. You learn to celebrate RIGHT NOW what can be celebrated, and you learn to celebrate the small things.

Having expressed those lofty ideals, at first I got hooked on statistics – was anyone reading? Here is what I learned – that the posts I spend the most time and energy on often get very little immediate response, but get good response over time – the trip reports, the book reviews, some of my cross-cultural stories. What gets HUGE readership on a one time basis is pure fluff – my all time high came when I published the e-mail forward about cell phone usage and cancer. Second was The Mermaid of Mangaf. Third was when someone ranted at me. Go figure! I’ve learned my lessons. I have about 100 faithful readers a day, and I am content with that. No! No! They are NOT all my relatives! 🙂

In the meanwhile, I want to thank you for including me in the Kuwait blogging family. I read your posts; you brighten my days and you always give me new things to think about. Right now I am following The Ultimate with her translation of Killa Matgoog’s analysis of the current political scene in Kuwait. It’s information and analysis I don’t find so clearly written in the press. I’m enjoying blogging, and you are giving me wonderful help and feedback. Again, thanks for making me feel at home.

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High 21/69

What a glorious day! I was out on the balcony and it was COOL! The visibility is relatively good, whatever that stuff is that hangs over the Gulf is has retreated and there are real clouds in the sky. . . what a great day!

I checked Weather Underground, and the high temperature expected for today is only 21C/69F – thats like a huge drop from earlier this week. Does anyone know what causes a major shift in the weather like that here? I see the temps will go back up to the mid-80’s within a few days, but what bliss! This “crisp” air! Wooo Hoooooo!

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