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Traditional Thanksgiving Day Greeting

To husband/father/son/brother/ significant other:

Choose one:
a) Sweetie,
b) Honey,
c) Snookums,
d) Lover Boy,
e) Daddums,

“______________ I need for you to run to the market before THE game starts and pick up some ______________.” (whatever you thought you had and you don’t, and you need desperately)

Deal Clincher:

If they whine about this being the only morning they get to sleep in, you say:

Dad/brother/son: “I’ll tell Mom!”

Husband or significant other: “I’ll make it worth your while!”


Happy Thanksgiving, hope your day is filled with the joys of family and friends.

November 23, 2006 Posted by | Cooking, Cross Cultural, Family Issues, Thanksgiving | 4 Comments