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The Kuwait Beauty Sisterhood

We love the Kuwait Airport. I love it that you can get a cup of coffee and just sit and wait for your arrivals to make that long long walk as you exit customs and head toward the exit. We love watching the families so excited to see one another. We make up stories for ourselves to explain what we are seeing. Sometimes, we cry, too, because it is so moving. We love it when the women ululate on seeing a new arrival, when brides arrive with their husbands, when Moms come back from Hajj.

A few nights ago, my husband was meeting late arrivals at the airport and he saw something we have NEVER seen before. He saw four women, all with identical bandages over their noses. He figures they must have gone somewhere for plastic surgery. All four at the same time? We figure they must be sisters, or cousins, or very very good friends, all having their noses trimmed at the same time. He said they weren’t at all self-conscious about it, rather they were grinning with pride. I think when there are four of you with the same big bandage, it must take the self-conscious factor WAAAAAYYYYY out.

We’re always laughing at what we call “buying hope in a bottle.” For me, it might be the next luxury face cream that promises me “visible results in 7 days”. For my husband, it is always the next super camera. For some, it is the hot motorcycle, or the next hot car. For some, it is the hottest new computer, or the tiniest, biggest gigabyte iPod with all the bells and whistles. We’re all looking for a little hope. It just gives me a big grin thinking of those four brave girls going under the knife together for better noses.

December 4, 2006 - Posted by | Cross Cultural, ExPat Life, Family Issues, Friends & Friendship, Kuwait, Middle East, Random Musings, Social Issues, Travel, Women's Issues


  1. I think they came from Iran where nose jobs costs half compared to Kuwait including the flight, accomodation and everything else.

    Comment by Don Veto | December 4, 2006 | Reply

  2. No kidding? He said they were beauties, that fits.

    Comment by intlxpatr | December 4, 2006 | Reply

  3. no no – from Lebanon, I am certain. Iran and Syria are cheaper places, but the technology and expertise are much superior in Lebanon.

    we are now in the medical high season. surgeries are done now so everything is healed (and scars have faded) by summer.

    Comment by adiamondinsunlight | December 5, 2006 | Reply

  4. Hmmmmm. . . .beauties fits Lebanon, too. A mystery.

    Comment by intlxpatr | December 5, 2006 | Reply

  5. Yeah ppl tend to do things in groups here or buy things in bulk.. get better deals 😛

    Comment by DiiGMaa | December 5, 2006 | Reply

  6. DiiGMaa 0 hey! You didn’t get sent to spam this time. Wooo Hooooooo!

    Yeh, it’s one of the best things you have taught me in this part of the world – always ask for the best price, or the special discount. And – ROFL – it even works in western countries – catches them by surprise, but what is the worst that can happen? You pay the marked price!

    Comment by intlxpatr | December 5, 2006 | Reply

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