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I’d Be Lost Without It: Misto Sprayer

Seven years ago, my nephew, Global Man, gave this little tool to my sister for Christmas. I had never heard of it, and so he showed me how it worked. WOW.

We are firm believers in olive oil. And firm believers in food with less processing and chemical additives, rather than more.

He showed me you you put the oil in, maybe half a cup, and screw the top back on. How you pump the brushed aluminum cap up and down five or six times to achieve pressure inside, then just press the button and out comes a VAPOR of olive oil. The vapor is so fine, that I use it now for almost everything.

It took me a while. I was afraid the taste of olive oil would detract in some recipes, but the vapory film of oil laid down is so fine that it goes undetected in every but the very most refined recipes.

Instead of the spray cans you buy in the stores, full of chemical aerosols to make the oil spray, it uses air – imagine! And it allows you to use your very favorite olive oil all the time, so your cooking gets all the added benefits of olive oil, but so finely sprayed as to spare the calories.

I love this tool. It is available in better (walk-in) cooking stores, also from Amazon, and other mail order cooking supply stores. William Sonoma has one called QuickMist; looks like the same tool. I’d be lost without it.


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Alhamdallah for the New Year!

A fresh new year, and a fresh new start! I’m not going to make any resolutions, other than to try to get more exercise, and to be more faithful in my spiritual life.

Meanwhile, this is the view my sweet niece has from her room with her new baby:


They will have a perfect view of the fireworks that will go off at midnight to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

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