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Spicy Peppers Attack Cancer

The BBC reports today that a link has been discovered between spicy hot peppers and cancer cell death. Click here:How Spicy Foods Kill Cancer


In short, the article states:

“Scientists have discovered the key to the ability of spicy foods to kill cancer cells.

They found capsaicin, an ingredient of jalapeno peppers, triggers cancer cell death by attacking mitochondria – the cells’ energy-generating boiler rooms.

The research raises the possibility that other cancer drugs could be developed to target mitochondria.”

Buried deep in the article is the disclaimer that no one believes eating a lot of hot spicy peppers will either prevent nor cure cancer, and that peppers as a part of a diet that includes a lot of vegetables and fruit are recommended.

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Training Joke #1

How does a diplomat say “bull$hit?”


There must be 100 variations:

That’s amazing!
What a great story!
You’re kidding!

And the least subtle:

“What are your sources?”

Add your own variations in the comment section.

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