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Google Earth Hurts American Forces in Iraq?

This morning on the front page of the Kuwait Times is a story about American forces in Iraq finding GoogleEarth print outs of American bases and strongholds, so clear that those targeting these sites can see the difference between tents and barracks, and can get the exact longitude and latitude for targeting purposes.

Information is always a double edged sword. Information is information, in and of itself, it is neutral. How information is used makes it useful or harmful. And “useful” or “harmful” depends totally on where you stand.

So what do you think? Do you try to censor GoogleEarth when it hurts your side, and oppose censorship when it works to your advantage? Or do you say “hands off” and let the information serve all people equally?

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WordPress Snap Feature

Yesterday I noticed a cool new thing on my blogsite; when your arrow goes over the blogroll on the right, Snap provides a small window-preview of the blogroll entry. Very very cool!

I don’t know if you have to be on WordPress for it to work? Would someone out there not on WordPress try the Snap preview feature and let me know if it works for non WordPress users?

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