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Check Every Comment

One of the things I like best about WordPress is the scum and filth they keep from ever appearing on my blog. But the scammers out there get better and better.

Check every comment. Check where it is coming from. Check closely – some at first appear to be blogs, but they are really all about marketing / selling. They are getting clever – the comment appears to be pertinent, or flattering (example: great blog and great content!) but if their blog is really just a sales tool, you can (in WordPress) go into EDIT on the comment, and eliminate the url entry, and then you have this sweet comment but there is NO connection with this person’s so-called blog.

Here’s what to look for. A blog may look like a medical information blog, for example, but just underneath the entry (which is copied from someone else’s blog!) you will find a list of 10+ url sites that have little or nothing to do with medical information. Like “click here for a bargain on leather luggage” and more irrelevant entries.

Be aware!

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Google Earth – Map Your Books!

More news from Earthling (not quite my co-blog writer, but he sure gives me some good stuff to share with you 🙂 )

“This just launched, very cool. Google books search now lets you see a map of all the place mentioned in a book.
Go to
Search for your book
Click the ‘about this book’ link.

example: Pride and Prejudice

The 9/11 Commission Report
911 Commission Report

Our Vanishing Wild Life: Its Extermination and Preservation
By William Temple Hornaday
Vanishing Wild Life

The great cities of the ancient world, in their glory and their desolation
By Theodore Alois W. Buckley
Ancient Cities

The Book of Ser Marco Polo
By Marco Polo, Henry Yule, Henri Cordier
Marco Polo

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
By Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes

Kiss Kiss Bang! Bang!: The Unoffical James Bond 007 Film Companion
By Alan Barnes, Marcus Hearn
James Bond

Travels of Ibn Batuta AD 1325 – 1354
Ibn Batuta

My comment: The maps usually showed up on the lower right part of the page, not always immediately visible, you have to scroll down. Not every page had a map, but the reference led to other similar books which had maps.

I didn’t even know Google had a book search section – and it is good! When I am reading, I like to read a train of books on the same subject – and I like the way Google gives small summaries which can give you an immediate indication whether this book will interest you or not. Thanks, Earthling!

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