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Raise Your Voices

My blogging friend Hilaliya raised HIS voice in an article entitled Kuwait ‘Ministry Of Communications’ Attempts To Extort Internet Users and found an elaborated article on the Ministry of Communication ban. You can read his rant, and go to the Arab Times article by clicking here.

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It FEELS Personal

A good friend who is also a psychologist often talked about how things FEEL personal even when they are not.

• When your best friend betrays your deep dark secret to another friend because she lacks self confidence and it made her feel important for a couple seconds

• When your young wife sleeps with your brother because after two babies she wants to feel exciting and attractive and young again

• When your brother uses drugs again, after you paid for rehab and he swore up and down he would never never use again

• When your father divorces your mother and leaves her to raise the kids alone

• When your oldest friend in the world stops returning your calls and communicating with you and you later learn that she if fighting a losing battle with cancer

• When your aging husband buys a small red convertible and turns you in for a younger model, too, because he wants to think he’s hot

• When your internet phone service is declared illegal and gets shut down to spare “government wastage”


In every case above, the situation has more to do with personal issues than with you, but man, it sure FEELS personal. The fact that is doesn’t have to do with you is almost insulting, because the impact can be so painful.

And so it is with internet service. This morning, I was missing internet service for a while. It happens sometimes, but rarely longer than three-four minutes. This time it went on and on. Of course my first reaction is “oh no! Am I being penalized for having written about internet phone service being blocked???” But no, this time it wasn’t all about me. It was just an outage, and – for now – just temporary. Alhamdallah!

But this policy is going to impact on all of us painfully. Please, please raise your voices. You know better than I do where it will be the most effective. It’s important that we be able to communicate with our family and friends in a reasonably priced way. The internet phones don’t hurt anybody. Let’s keep them legal.

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