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Google Earth for Dummies!


I’ve been on the waiting list at Amazon for months, ever since my nephew, Earthling, wrote me that this book was in the works. (thanks, Earthling!) It arrived this week. Wooooo Hooooo!

Yes, I love GoogleEarth. I soar and swoop, look at my house in Seattle, look at different places in Qatar and Kuwait, go to Florida and visit my son – all via Google Earth. With Google Earth for Dummies, I can now do even more. Like all the Dummy books, the writing is simple, there are a lot of illustrations, and it tells me things I would never otherwise know.

It’s $16.49 through, plus shipping, of course, and you can find it here.

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Intlxpatr: The Name

People keep asking about my name: Intlxpatr. There’s a part of me that wants to keep quiet and let you think it has some deep mysterious meaning. But no, here is the truth.

I didn’t really intend to start blogging as soon as I did. I wanted to think about it, and part of that is exploring the environment, right? So I would look around the hosting sites, and I ended up being asked questions almost immediately. At first, adreneline pounding through my system, I signed back off, thought about it a while, and then signed back on. They wanted commitment; I had cold feet.

I wanted a clever name, but it seemed to be that all the names I liked were already taken, or just not right for me. Even the blog name, which isn’t particularly clever, was a “just for now” sort of thing, I always thought I could go back and change it later. Here There and Everywhere just stuck, and has grown more and more appropriate as I write about all sorts of things. I never much liked boundaries!

For the blogger name, I wanted something unlikely to be duplicated. And something that wouldn’t give me away. Intl – international, xpatr – expatriate. So dull, so simple. . . so vanilla. And, as it turns out, so annoying to people who have to type it . . .

There is a little bit of a joke in the name. . . but I am going to maintain SOME mystery. Anyway, I know it isn’t clean and simple, but it’s who I am. At least for now.

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