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What is Your Greatest Fear?

Reach down deep. Take your time. Think about this.

A friend sent one of those “getting to know you” e-mails, and this question was on it: What is your greatest fear?

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My first reaction is – whoa! That is a VERY personal question! But I shared my answer with her.

One of the reasons we share when we blog, I think, is to connect with one another, to make this world a less lonely place. When we are going through a hard time – and don’t be fooled, no matter how good, how together, we look on the outside, we ALL go through hard times – it helps to know that we are not the only person in the world who has ever gone through this, whatever this may be.

There are things we don’t talk about. From time to time, you find a friend you can really really trust, and you take a chance. What a relief! You discover, if you are lucky, that maybe he or she has been there, too. At the very worst, you have someone who knows what you have suffered. It can be years down the road that they come back to you and say “I’m there now – can you help me through it?” And two people are less alone, and your suffering has not been for nothing; it has equipped you to walk this path with your friend, and lighten the load a little.

So here is is: my greatest fear is to die a meaningless, stupid death.

I don’t want to die on a Kuwait highway saying “oh sh$t” as I see some doped up, testerone-loaded, out-of-control driver barreling straight into me.

I don’t want to die as a random, unchosen victim of terrorist attack, like 9/11, or Pan Am 103.

I don’t want to trip over my high heels and break my neck falling down the stairs. (My own stupidity!)

I wouldn’t mind dying a heroic death, but my preference is to die quietly, prepared, even eager to meet my Creator. But my terror is to die too soon, for no good reason, as the result of someone’s stupidity.

So. I’ve taken the risk, early on this Thursday morning. Step up to the plate. Take a deep breath. Even if you’ve never commented before, take a risk, here, now. (Regular commenters, welcome!) Share your greatest fear.

What is your greatest fear?

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