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The Important Messenger

In most ways, my husband, Adventure Man, is a very kind man. He is a big-picture kind of guy. Most of us attend to the details, but he is good at seeing how to get from A to Z, even when everyone else is saying it isn’t possible. I love that about him – most of the time he can see possibilities.

He is VERY unkind about my Arabic.

For example, I would be telling him how we learned such and such in Arabic, and he will interrupt me and correct my pronunciation.

So I would go back to my teacher and say “Adventure Man says we are supposed to say it like this!” and she would laugh and say “oh those Lebanese men say it that way but we Qatteris say it like this.”

So when he would correct me, not being as submissive as I ought to be, I would say “Oh you Lebanese men say it like that” (but he is not Lebanese) “but we Qatteri’s say it like this.” (I am not Qatteri) and I could make him fall out of his chair laughing.

But he really hurt my feelings. I was telling him about my problems on the road and how this “important man” who must have been in a big hurry was driving so rudely and he started laughing at me which totally annoyed me.

“What is so funny?” I demanded.

“I think you mean ‘rajul muuhim'” he gasped out, between spasms of laughter.

“That’s exactly what I meant and that is what I said!”

“No, you keep talking about some rude ‘important messenger'” he croaked, and rolled over on the floor because he is laughing so hard he can’t stand up.

Razool sounds a lot like rajool to me . . .

Adventure Man is SO rude. He thinks he is so rajul muhim!

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