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This week I saw an accident, and called 777. My experience was very positive – my call was answered on the first try, and although the lady didn’t speak English, we managed. The ambulance people called me, the police called me multiple times, the ambulance showed up, the police showed up. All in all, not bad.

It would have been better had I spoken better Arabic, but we all managed. One guy put me on the speaker phone and had everyone listen to me and then someone said what I was saying. It was one of those Woh is der Bahnhof experiences where they would keep asking me “Where? Where?” and I would tell them and tell them, and then they would say “”Oh! You are saying . . . ” and it would be EXACTLY what I had been saying! Exactly!

But I could also hear them smiling as they talked to me, and I was glad I knew a few words. I probably sound like a four year old, but a four year old with enough sense to make a much-needed call and get the police and ambulance where they are needed, al hamdullah!

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Oxo Salad Spinner

The first time I ever used the Oxo Salad Spinner in Kuwait, I became a fan. Do you ever buy the Kuwaiti Salad Greens at the Sultan Market? I hope you wash them before you use them!

The Oxo Salad Spinner has three parts; an outer bowl, and inner bowl like a seive, and a top that you press on and it makes the inner bowl spin very very fast inside the outer bowl, and the centripetal force makes all the water fly off the leaves and fall to the bottom of the bowl. So you can just lift out the inner bowl and empty the water out.

No electricity needed, it is entirely mechanical, and so well engineered that the bowl will spin on and on and on unless you stop it.

Before I spin the salad, I put all the salad greens in the inner bowl, put the inner bowl in the outer bowl and run cold water over the greens until the bowl is full. I leave it a couple minutes, then pull the inner bowl out, and empty the water from the outer bowl. The water is BROWN with dirt! I put the inner bowl in the outer bowl and rinse again, and again, until the water comes clear. Then, and only then, do I spin the lettuce/greens dry.

After emptying the spin-off water, I can actually put the spinner in the refrigerator, with the greens inside, or I can transfer them to another bowl or sack. They don’t last too long in our salad-eating house.

This is what the Oxo Salad Spinner looks like:


The part sticking out can be locked in the down position for storage. There is also a button that stops the salad spinner’s spinning motion, otherwise it takes a long time for the spinner to slow and stop.

If you are a reader who does not live in Kuwait, but who buys from local markets or farmer’s markets, you will still find this honey incredibly handy.

You can find the salad spinner by Oxo at for $24.95 plus shipping.

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