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Sukkar Mat-hoon

I love it. Thanks to Kinan, I even know how to pronounce it, Suk-kar Mat-hoon. I love it.

And it worked great in the very chocolate chocolate frosting. Here is what it looks like. If it had looked like this, I wouldn’t have had any problem.


And here is what it looked like on the shelf.

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Another Adventure in Arabic

Pressed for time and more than a little desperate, I ran a quick brush through my tangled hair and threw on something that would pass for modest and made a run for the local co-op, desperately hoping they would have what I needed and I would not have to make a much longer trip to the Sultan Center.

Making a quick check in all the obvious places, I don’t see it. I NEED for it to be there, so I make a careful and methodical sweep, analyzing for anything that might be what I am looking for. No such luck.

Three co-op workers are in the aisle where I am looking, so one asks if they might help me. And I am betting they don’t speak English. I can figure out how to ask for almost all of it, and I grab a can and figure out a work-around.

“Ana ashuf al sukre al . . . “(and I point to a word on the can.)

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Beams one man. “BOWDER! Bowder sukre!”

Ah yes, of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Bowder sukre.

“Sah!” I agree.

“Aeyyn al bowder sukre?” he asks his co-worker, who steps immediately to the shelf I was just minutely examining, and pulls off a small bag of exactly what I need. The bags are on the shelf piled high, shelf to shelf, with only the bottom ends showing, right next to similar bags of powdered coconut. Next time I will know.

(It looks to me like there is another word for powder, starting with an “m”; anyone want to help me out?)

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It’s about Fat, Not Weight

A new study tells us you can be normal weight, but still at high risk, depending on where you carry your weight. Women at highest risk carry more fat around their organs. From BBC Health News:

A test has been designed which can show if people of normal weight are at an increased risk of heart disease because they are carrying “hidden” fat.
Developed by South Korean researchers, it checks blood-flow via a cuff on the ankle or arm.

Professor Paul Stewart, an obesity specialist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, said: “The take-home message of this study is that having more fat around your the belly area puts you at increased risk of heart disease.

“it’s not so much about general obesity; it’s about middle-aged spread and where fat lies that’s the problem. . . . .

Writing in Clinical Endocrinology, the team say those with the poorest blood flow had more fat around their organs, and so were most at risk.

“This is one more test that can indicate risk.”

Professor Peter Weissberg, medical director of the British Heart Foundation (BHF), said: “This study confirms what we have known for some time; good heart health seems to depend more on our shape than our weight. ”

”Visceral’ fat inside our abdominal cavity – surrounding our intestines – increases our heart disease risk more than fatness in other parts of our body. “It’s possible in future that measures of waist circumference will be included to refine the heart disease risk assessment.

Read the entire article Here.

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