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Scenes from Villa Moda

The sale continues at Villa Moda

“For you, Madame, this special Manolo . . .”


“Or this sweet gown?”


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Twitchy Water

Here is what the Gulf looks like this afternoon:

It is one of those amazing afternoons, where the water is nearly as flat and reflective as glass.

With one anomaly:00twitchywater.jpg

In the midst of the glass like waters of the Gulf, there are patches of twitchy water. I can’t help it. I lost two hours of my life today watching the twitchy water. It was the wierdest thing I have seen; it looked like waves with fleas, except that the fleas would sparkle silver now and then. While all the regular waves would be going one way, this “wave” would flutter and go in one direction, then flutter, and turn in another direction.

It has to be fish. From time to time a bird would pass over and the twitchy water would disappear. Sometimes, it didn’t disappear fast enough, and the bird would dive down and grab a snack and fly away. The fish must be tiny – maybe like anchovies or herring or minnows – and their activity gives the water an entirely different character.

I never thought of fish swarming before, but it looked like hive behavior. I wonder if it is because the weather is so suddenly and consistently warm (between 100 – 110F for my non-Kuwaiti readers) or if they are always there and the surf is too active for me to see them?

Twitchy water.

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