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Life Unfair? Also bad for you

If you think life is unfair to you, just the perception could mean you are at higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Unfairness ‘increases heart risk’

Unfair treatment outside the office could increase risks of heart disease
People who feel they are treated unfairly, including in the home and community, may have a higher risk of developing heart disease, a study says.

University College London researchers studied 8,000 people, says the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

They found those with a profound sense of injustice had a 55% higher chance of suffering serious heart disease.

Experts believe a sense of unfairness engenders negative emotions which may prompt biochemical changes in the body.

This is from BBC Health News, yesterday, and you can read the rest by clicking here.

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Rude Awakening

In the wee small hours of the morning, my husband and I had a rude awakening. While we were sound asleep, the Qatteri Cat figured out how to open the front door and walk out. Awakening and seeing light, my husband jumped out of bed, and yelled “Qatteri Cat is gone!” but as he wasn’t wearing much, he couldn’t go look for QC. Sheer panic. We know the QC would not last long on the mean streets of Kuwait.

I’m paranoid about sleeping in nothing much, like what if there is a fire or something? So I am wearing a little more, not much more, but enough that I can go look for QC, but as soon as he hears us exclaiming, he comes back in, like “hey! glad to see you up! Did you notice my food dish is empty?”

And it was empty. I have noticed if I can remember to feed him before we go to bed, we have fewer howlings in the middle of the night, fewer jumping at the door handle. Hunger makes him wakeful and energetic. And we normally lock the front door, but when we came in last night we were both carrying packages and I must have gotten distracted, I am usually the obsessive-compulsive one about making sure the door is locked.

And the Qatteri Cat? After all the commotion, he is sleeping in this morning, while I am walking around bleary and tired. But he is so sweet when he is sleeping.

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