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Speaking English

A few months ago I made a mistake. When the complex management asked for suggestions, I told them that it did not make me feel secure that the guards on duty did not, as promised, speak English.

Ever since, I have been the focus of a lot of attention.

“Oh Madam, I am so happy to see you!” gushes one guard, and when I ask about his family, he looks at me blankly.

“Good morning, madame, yes fine, thank you” greets the guard before I have asked him how he is.

Someone is teaching them, and they are actually very happy to be learning some phrases, and they all want to be sure I know they are speaking English.

So yesterday, when a series of bulbs were replaced, when the hariss showed me the brilliant results, I said “Cool!”

And under his breath, the Nepali assistant said, with my exact inflection, “Cool!”

And I could hear him practicing, as he left. I am wondering if I will be greeted with a chorus of “cool!”s as I leave this morning.

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