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Storm Rolling In

This is what a storm looks like rolling into Kuwait. The normal day is on the right, the storm rolling in is on the left. Nothing has been enhanced; this is the way it really looks:


You really can’t imagine what an orange sky looks like:


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Cat Meat Rumors Refuted (Ho ho ho ho ho)

Front page of todays Kuwait Times is this article:

KUWAIT: A ministry of Commerce official denied rumors that a local restaurant has been closed for selling cat meat. According to Ali Baghli, assistant undersecretary for commercial supervision affairs at the Ministry of Commerce, no violation has been registered against the Arabic restaurant in the Jahra governate as of yet. . . .

My comment – So here is what we know for sure:

A ministry official says the restaurant has not been closed for selling cat meat.
He says no violations has been registered AS YET.

He does not say the restaurant was not selling cat meat; he is saying the restaurant was not closed for selling cat meat.

What was interesting, is that both the Kuwait Times and Arab Times, when they reported this cat meat restaurant closing, said that because of connections in the government, this restaurant was unlikely to stay closed.

It is not unlike Make This Case Go Away where two youths are caught with a maid they have abducted and raped, they fight the arresting officer and bite him on the hand, they confess to what they have done . . . and no violation is registered, because the police officer is pressured by his superiors to drop the case.

It’s not like your next schwarma is guaranteed not to contain fresh cat meat. It’s only guaranteed not prosecuted.

If I sound angry, I am. Police and law enforcement officials are supposed to protect the public – that’s you and me. When the system is broken so badly that laws are not enforced against the transgressors, and worse, when courageous policement are punished for doing their job, it is a very very sorry state of affairs.

And I am convinced that God has a very special place in hell for those who abuse the trust the public places in them.

I sure wouldn’t eat any schwarma in Jahra.

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Doha Additions

The rate of building in Doha is astounding. You have to wonder, sometimes, how the building inspectors can keep up with it all. I am guessing in Doha they lose one or two workers a week to unsafe construction practices, and I wonder at the quality of the construction . . . .

I particularly love this building, facing the Gulf. I call it the Doha twist. I think it has a spectacular look:


They have been working on the foundation for this building for years now, with nothing to show for it. The design of the building totally cracks me up.


From time to time, in both Doha and Kuwait, I have seen honest-to-God wild Parrakeets, Flamingos and Cranes. But when we say that the crane is the Qatar national bird, this is what we mean:


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