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1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
Pirates of the Caribbean 2

2. What book are you reading?
Currently: Donna Leon, Through a Glass Darkly

3. Favorite board game?
Board games are too slow. Hearts. Bridge. Poker!

4.Favorite magazine?
New Yorker

5. Favorite smell?
Jet fuel

6. Favorite food?
Italian and Japanese

7. Favorite sound?
Call to prayer

8. Worst feeling in the world?
Making a careless decision that causes harm to others

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

10. Favorite fast food place?
Ivar’s (seafood chain in the Pacific Northwest)

11. Future child’s name?
Morgan. Douglas. Megan.

12. Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money:
I’d join Bill Gates Foundation and find ways to make the money work hard making the world a better place.

13. Do you drive fast?

14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Husband? Cat?

15. Storms cool or scary?
Very cool.

16. What was your first car?
An ancient Mercedes

17. Favorite drink?

18. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would…”:
I have the time . . .

19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
In soup.

20. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
21. Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in?
Alaska, Seattle, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Mannheim, Wiesbaden, Tampa, Tunis, Monterey, Amman, Riyadh, Leavenworth, Doha, Kuwait

22. Half empty or half full?
Mostly Full

23. Favorite sports to watch?
College football

25. Morning person, or night owl?

26. Over easy, or sunny side-up?
3 minute

27. Favorite place to relax?

28. Favorite pie?
Blueberry or rhubarb

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No Accounting for Taste

My Mother once joked that the definition of good taste was someone whose taste agreed with your own. Her house is all smooth, modern, elegant lines, while mine is all old, antique and semi-antique. She has clean lines and clear surfaces, and I am guessing that to her, my decor is cluttered. (Not that she criticizes me.) We just have different tastes.

My husband and I also have different tastes. Often, his eye will alight on something, say like a Masai shield 7 feet long, and he will say “wouldn’t that be great in our house?” and my response is “yes! In your den!” He calls his den The Adventure Man Museum, and says that the only thing the Tarek Rejab has on him is that they have had a couple more decades of collecting. But he is still working on it!

He LOVES these trees. He keeps threatening to buy a couple for our yards back home. I mention little things like shipping expenses. . . . or maybe he is pulling my leg – ya think?



So far, we agree that they look great in context. I am not so sure they would do so sell in a rainy climate.

And this is what I love:


You used to find these everywhere in the Gulf, even in the cities you would find them in the diwaniyyas. This is the only one I have seen since I came to Kuwait, and it is in a museum. I remember being out in the beit-as-shar in the desert (for my non-Arabic speaking friends: tents, literally, House of Hair because the tenting was woven of goat and camel hair.) I remember the sound of the metal clanging as the coffee was ground in the morter, I remember the smell of the wood fire when the coffee was brewing, and I remember the coffee being poured through branches that kept (some of) the grounds out. I miss that ceremony; I miss the sounds and smells and taste, because out in the desert coffee tastes different. It wasn’t that long ago – but I never see them anymore.

Do you?

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