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Qatteri Cat Wants to Play

Look at those eyes. Mom is busy. Won’t you come play with Qatteri Cat?

You can chase him, and then let him chase you. Or you can hide his babies. Or you can put him in his Sakura sack and let him try to snag your finger. (Ouch!)


Oops. too late. He’s decided to take a cat nap.

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Family Beach

Every now and then, I get a good giggle. Usually it is a European family, and it only happens once . . . they go to our local beach. They are in normal beach attire – swimsuits. And they head for the “Family Beach.”

They haven’t been here long enough to know that “Family” is a little different here, it means mostly women in abayas and scarves, or some form of head covering.Even for those not in abayas, it means body parts are modestly covered, at the very least, with a Tshirt. You will see women swimming in abayas and scarves, floating in inner tubes, fully covered.

There is usually a wide circle of empty space around the European family; people regarding them with fascinated horror. I rarely see them come back. I am hoping they find other beaches, maybe more private.



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