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Katherine Phillips In Her Own Words

Here is the International Schools Review page where Katherine Phillips tells of her being notified by SMS that the travel ban was lifted and how she left immediately, not knowing how long the lifted ban would last:

Katherine Phillip’s letter

Skunk also says it was front page on the Arab Times today.

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Kuwait Minarets

I love mosques. I love the very simple old old ones, made with clay, that look like they are slowly melting back into the ground, and I love the new modern ones that look like spaceships about to lift off, and I love all those in-between. I have so many photos of mosques, mosques minarets and mosques at sunset, in moonlight . . .

So here is my question for you: Do any Kuwait mosques use LIVE muezzin to call out the Call to Prayer?

Here are some Kuwaiti mosques I have photographed recently.

This one is near the Sadu House, in an area being renovated:


And here is what it looked like before renovation:


I LOVE this one – it’s old, but it has STARS on the side of the minaret, going toward the top, cut out, probably to allow light to filter in where there are, I assume, steps or maybe a ladder.


This mosque is between fourth and fifth ring, where you used to turn to get to the old IKEA:


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