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Travel Woes

Adventure Man says a successful trip is one where the number of landings equals the number of take-offs. With that in mind, I can’t complain about my most recent trip.

I can’t complain that once again KLM cancelled my flight and didn’t bother notifying me. I can’t complain that they made another reservation for me that I found while trying to reserve my seat. I can’t complain that when I went to check in, the other airline showed me on their screen that KLM LIED and said they had tried to notify me (believe me, they have my phone number, they can text me, they can e-mail me and NONE of that happened) but couldn’t and they failed to provide the ticketing information, and the flight was full. I can’t complain that I had to haul all my baggage back over to KLM, stand in the very long angry line and be invaded by people who thought they were too important to stand in line and would walk right up the the harried ticketers and insist on being handled right now.

I can’t complain that I ended up on a FOURTEEN hour flight next to a four year old who threw up half way throught the flight.

The number of landings equalled the number of take-offs. I arrived safely, and my baggage also arrived. Thanks be to God.

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Lazy Beach Day

These aren’t very sharp – I was shooting from up the beach – but it was one of those perfect summer days, and I loved watching the variety of ways people had of enjoying it.

These guys are looking for shellfish:


I love the red bucket:


And this was the best of all – the big brother showing his younger brothers how to find the shellfish:


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Chocolate ‘lowers’ blood pressure

A mouthful of dark chocolate each day could reduce blood pressure, cutting the risk of stroke, research suggests.

Forty-four people with raised blood pressure were put into two groups. One ate six grams of dark chocolate daily, the other the same amount of white.

The first group saw blood pressure fall slightly, but the others saw no change, researchers wrote in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA).

The British Heart Foundation warned chocolate was a “treat not treatment”.

You can read the rest of the article at the BBC Health News here. Heh heh heh – sounds like a ‘treatment’ to me!

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