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Guilt Free Littering

Friends, this is from The Onion. It is SATIRE; don’t go getting all worked up!

New Eco-Friendly Packaging Triggers Boom In Guilt-Free Littering
July 21, 2007 | Issue 43•29

ROCKFORD, IL—Nick Sundin used to be neurotic about littering. The 37-year-old pediatrician admits he kept trash bags in his car, and would even pick up and throw away garbage he found on the street. Since boyhood, Sundin said, he was keenly attuned to the environmental degradation littering caused, an attitude triggered by the famous Keep America Beautiful “Crying Indian” public service announcement he saw on television as a young man.

Not anymore.

“These ‘eco’ products are amazing—they’ve totally changed my life,” Sundin said. “Now, I just toss my used Seventh Generation–brand paper plates out the car window, knowing they’ll soon be absorbed into the earth.”

The growing “green” trend in product packaging, which emphasizes the use of recycled, biodegradable post-consumer paper-based materials and relies less on petroleum-derived polymers like styrofoam, has unleashed a spontaneous trashing of sidewalks, roadsides, and pristine wilderness by gratified consumers. Though some environmentalists and scientists were caught off guard by the movement, experts say it is here to stay.

“The stigma attached to littering is at long last being put to rest,” industry analyst Tom Schneider said. “As long as manufacturers are packaging their goods in unbleached paper and biodegradable, cornstarch-based plastics, more and more consumers will discard their refuse wherever they please, knowing it will safely decompose within 10 to 20 years. Call it the ‘New Compost.'”

From The Onion; click here to read the entire article.


My comment: What is so sad, is that this looks like places in Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, where people have just dumped stuff without any regard to the environment.

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Spam and My Readers

My friends, most of the time if you comment and include url/web references in your comment, you will be sent to moderation, even if you are a regular commenter. You are welcome to include references, it will just take a little longer for your comment to show up.

If you haven’t commented here before, if you are lucky, your comment will go to moderation. If not, it will go to spam. I try to screen the spam, but it mounts up so quickly that there are days when I just delete it all.

Please, if you are legitimate, not a porn site or advertising some weight-loss program, not fake Rolexes or some idiosyncratic sex practice, keep trying.

I hate spam. And I love WordPress for weeding most of it out so thoroughly.

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