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Any Exercise is Good

From BBC Health News comes a report on a study that shows that even mild exercise three days a week can help forestall the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle:

‘Even light exercise’ aids health
Even low levels of weekly exercise could help reduce blood pressure and improve fitness, scientists say.Experts say walking for half an hour, five days a week, is the minimum required to achieve health benefits.

But a Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health report from Northern Ireland found walking on just three days a week gave similar benefits.

The finding could encourage those with sedentary lifestyles to take up exercise gradually, the authors say.

This could be helpful as few people currently meet the minimum recommendations for exercise, with many saying they do not have enough time.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

I find it really hard to exercise in the heat of Kuwait. If you go out during the day, it is like living in an oven. And even hitting the pool is difficult when you are surrounded by oogling eyes. I have exercise equipment . . . and I don’t use it as often as I SHOULD. Aaarrgh.

But I love articles like this that get me moving, that give me hope that even though I am not as fit as I would like to be, any exercise is helpful. Bye! Off to the pool now!

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Cheap Gas

Back in Florida, I went to church with my son and his wife. The preacher at this church was very very good. Why do I think so? Because what he said has stuck with me all this time. Here is what he said:

Be careful how you fill your time. Be careful about the thoughts you think, the books you read, the programs your watch.

Bad thoughts are like cheap gas – if you put cheap gas in your car, your car won’t perform up to it’s full potential.

I totally get what he is saying – I think about the time I spend on worthless things, things that won’t matter two instants when this life is over, things I will regret having wasted any energy on.

Think about how we get so obsessed with small insults, unintended slights, even intentional wrongs done to us by others. Think about how we worry about money, about our possessions, about possessions we would like to have, how we envy others or try to find ways to make them envy us.

Think how little they matter in the long run, and yet we obsess, we give these people, things and events power over us by thinking about them too much, when we should be moving on, doing what we were created to be doing, living up to our best selves, the selves our creator had in mind when he fashioned us into being.

I want the high octane fuel in my machine, but somehow, the low octane creeps in, and I keep having to flush it out.

And another thought creeps in – this preacher has never lived in Kuwait or Doha, where all gas is CHEAP! In Germany, I paid almost $5 a gallon for gas, so every time I fill my tank here, I smile.

But what is the quality of the gas we get in Kuwait? What am I putting in my car? I don’t even know!

And would it make a difference if I did know? If the gas we are putting in our car isn’t good quality, is there anyplace we would go to put in a better quality of gas – isn’t all gas in Kuwait from the same source?

Random musings . . . .

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No Sunrise

No sunrise photo this morning. By the grace of God, I seem to be back on Kuwait time in record time – it can take me up to two weeks.

I also noticed while I was in the US, I never felt fully on Florida time or Seattle time . . . maybe on some weird level my body was maintaining a Kuwaiti clock? I have taken a short afternoon nap most late afternoons, but I can do that sometimes even without jet lag. I’m feeling GOOOOOOOOODD!

If it weren’t for Rome, Season 2/Final Season, which I bought just before I left Seattle, I would probably be going to bed too early, but it is so gorgeous, and so engaging that we stay up watching one more episode than we intend every night. I know many of you have already seen it, and I don’t know how! How do you get these things before they even come out on DVD?

I couldn’t imagine how season 2 could be anywhere near so gripping as season one, but luckily, I was wrong. We are loving season 2, and I know I will be very sorry when this season ends.

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