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Apples and Honey Mustard

This is one of my favorite mid-morning snacks. It also works as a last-minute delicacy you can set out when friends show up unexpectedly. As good as it tastes, I hate to tell you, it is also good for you.

Slice apple into eighths. Cut out seeds. Mix 1 Tablespoon honey (some great Yemeni honey is best) with 3 Tablespoons mustard. Place in small bowl, arrange apple slices around bowl, serve! Did it even take 5 minutes? No!


Use a good mustard:


Monsieur Fallot’s mustard is, amazingly, available in Kuwait at the Sultan Centre stores.

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Dawn’s Early Glare

August heat has set in with a vengence. The temperatures are the same, but the humidity is rising, clothes are wilting, and bodies are glistening. Nights are cooler, thanks be to God.

This morning, there is one great glare of sunlight; no differentiation between sea and sky, just 180° of colorless glare:


Officially, the temperatures are dropping. Today, a big drop to 111° F, down from last week’s 118°F temps.

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