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Big Red

Adventure Man and I have an agreement. We leave each other’s lives alone. Like I don’t try to tell him how he should work (I do try to tell him how to drive, or how not to drive, he hates it and I can’t help it; I don’t want to die!) and he doesn’t tell me how to run the house (but he does make “helpful suggestions”, he can’t help it.) We cut each other a lot of slack – it’s the only way you can stay married for a long time.

He monitors my blog closely. I don’t mind, he is like my personal security agency, making sure I don’t tell you too much about myself. I know he is protecting us and I honor that. It also helps me to think about what I am writing as I write – he has never asked me to change anything, but the awareness that he is watching helps me remember to be careful.

But I draw the line at him telling me what to blog. Here is what I say:


Yesterday he brought me some Big Red, with a complaint and with a compliment. Many of us in our family are addicted to Big Red, a cinnamon chewing gum. I like it because I drink coffee, and coffee can make your breath bad. Adventure Man just likes it because he likes it.


“This Big Red is not the same!” he complained. “It tastes wrong!”

I tasted it and I thought it tasted normal, but I have been buying Big Red here for a while and maybe my “normal” has gotten skewed.

“And look!” he said, triumphantly “Big Red is supposed to be RED!”

And he was right – this Big Red is WHITE?? How can that be??

But here is the compliment – look what is printed on each individual gum wrapper. (You have to read it from left to right!)


Pretty cool, huh? And this blog entry is for you, Adventure Man.

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Abandonment Issues

I can hear the Qatteri Cat out in the long hallway. He is moaning pathetically, and it is a little muffled. I smile. I know he is bringing me his baby.


Who knows what a cat is thinking? When I disappear, taking a bath or working in my project room, the Qatteri Cat cries sadly. His cry says “Where are you?” and “I am just a little kitten, and I am alone in the world!”

I say “Qatteri Cat, I am back here!” and he goes and gets his baby, and brings it to where I am. He plays with his baby briefly, and then – he leaves! He leaves me to take care of the baby!

When Adventure Man and I go to the family room to watch a DVD, we try to remember to take the baby with us. As long as we have the baby with us, Qatteri Cat won’t cry.

(Skunk wants more photos of Qatteri Cat. )

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