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My friend is finally back, and oh! We are so happy to see each other again. So today we got together with all kinds of new exercise equipment and ideas. After looking at photos, we spent an hour doing aqua-aerobics. Actually, that was enough for me. It was a great day to be outside, the pool was just cool enough – not like a hot tub and not so chilled your toes turn blue, but just right – and it was very very private. We could look as foolish as we wanted and no one cared.

(Cartoon courtesy

Then we hit Buns of Steel, and from time to time, I totally wiped out. How can they keep smiling and breathing and talking while they are doing all these totally exhausting exercises?

And then, she showed me moves on the exercise ball that i can’t even comtemplate right now. First I have to learn how to keep my balance.

But leaving, what a disaster. I almost fell down the stairs! I don’t have Buns of Steel, I have Legs of Rubber! Looks like I need to build up my strength a little. 😦

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Wooo Hooooo Doctor Diamond!

I am bursting with pride. And she’s not MY daughter, I have nothing to do with her success, she’s done this all on her own. My niece, Little Diamond is now DOCTOR DIAMOND!

I don’t imagine I will remember to think of her as Doctor Diamond all the time; I will probably still call her Little Diamond.

Little Diamond, Doctor Diamond, we are all so proud of you. We dance of joy at your accomplishment, and your determination, and how very very GOOD you are! Wooo Hooooooooo!


So here is something very cool. There is a Wikipedia article that tells you all about academic dress for different levels of educational attainment. In the olden days, and at a very few universities today, gowns (like robes, kind of like abyaa3t) are worn to classes. With each level you attain – Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctorate – you get to wear different additions – capes, hoods, etc.

Most of the time you never get a chance to wear them again after graduation. Unless you are an academic, and then you wear them for every university graduation. It is particularly colorful when all the professors troop in, very medieval, wearing their university colors and their degree colors (yes, those are different.)

Woooo Hooooo, Doctor Diamond, c’mon over here and we will have a robe made of silk with sparkles on it! Adventure Man asks if we get a family discount for consultations?

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