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We Share the Road

Look closely. Look at the third set of wheels back, second set from the right. I know, I know, it is very difficult to see the tread. That’s because there is NO tread left on this tire.

Other tires on this truck were already shredding. Look, the one just in front of the bare-tread tire had some kind of exterior coating kind of thing on it, like a whole tire patch of some kind, also shredding. He is carrying a heavy load load. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

To my left is a police car.

I can’t remember? Is Kuwait the #1 most dangerous country for driving in the world, or the #2?

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Kuwait Infant Mortality Rate

This very sad little item is from last week’s Kuwait Times:

Officials at the Ministry of Health disclosed that deaths among newborn infants were increasing at an alarming rate in Kuwait due to premature births and delayed deliveries over the past couple of years. The rate they said, touched 17.9 per thousand during the year 2006, in addition to the drastic decline in the quality of healthcare accorded to newborn infants. They called for urgent decisions to be taken to improve the healthcare for newborn infants.

Deaths among infants increased from 8.4 per thousand in the year 2005 to 9.1 per thousand during 2006.

The Jahra Governorate reported the highest rate of deaths among infants. Statistics indicated that 28.9 percent of the infants’ deaths were caused due to the short pregnancy period and inadequate weight of the infants when born and 17.2 percent were caused by various congenital deficiencies.

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Jimmie Rodgers Follow Up

A commenter, Thomas, responded yesterday to an article about Jimmie Rodgers that appeared several months ago (You can read the first article by clicking the blue type above) with a reference to a radio interview with Jimmie. It is a total hoot – when the interviewer calls, you can hear all his dogs in the background, and he asks the interviewer to give him a minute to get all the dogs out of the room – evidence enough for me that he is up and about, and capable of living a full life once again.

If you’ll remember, Jimmie Rodgers was a popular singer who, after a bad accident, had a metal plate put in his head. Years later, he was having it removed, and it was a highly risky operation. His family asked for the prayers of the people – and by a miracle, the operation was far easier than expected, and a total success.

You can hear the entire radio interview for yourself by clicking Jimmie Rodgers Radio Interview.

Many thanks, Thomas.

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