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Ride Home Wreckage

I found myself driving home from a meeting during prime traffic time today, and it was all very mellow. Mellow until I got near my home, and saw a huge wreck by the side of the road. I don’t know how many times you need to turn over to land on the top with so much damage, but I think it must be a lot.

And on my other side is a man with his hazard lights on. I’m in the middle lane, there is traffic on the right, and this guy, in his late 50’s – 60’s maybe, on my left has his hazard lights on and is drifting all over the road. He moves into me suddenly, I quickly turn the wheel, so fast my rear wheels skid on the oil slick road and my rear end jumps, which sends bolts of adrenelin pumping through my system as I am trying to control my car, honk at him to say “pay attention” (zero reaction) and I try to stay out of the way of the guy on my left and not cause any problems for traffic on my right.

I honk again at the guy on the left, and honestly, this guy is so out of it, he is drifting three lanes across the road, my honk doesn’t even phase him. I don’t know if he is so sleepy he can’t control the car, he is on drugs or he is drunk out of his mind, but he just drifts from lane to lane with his hazard lights on – as if that is enough: “Hey, you guys, I have my hazard lights on – stay out of my way.” He wasn’t driving fast, just all over the road. It might have been comical if there wasn’t so much traffic.

Safely home, I intend to stay here!

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Idiot Custom Paint Job

I couldn’t resist. I carry my camera with me, and this was too good to pass up.


Just a car? Look again. You may not be able to see all the pink sparkles sprayed on, but they twinkle and sparkle in the sun. And this is a GUY driving a pink sparkly car.

But whoever he hired to do this – or did he do it himself? – was a genius. He also sprayed the tail lights and the back windsheild – did you see that?


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Fireman Threatened

This morning, Adventure Man said “is this for me?” as he came across one of the scraps of newspaper left lying around in the living room. Sometimes they are – an exhibit at the Dar al Funoon, the opening of the new Tarek Rajeb Calligraphy Museum – but this time, it isn’t for him, not directly, it is for you.

From yesterday’s (October 8, 2007) Kuwait Times:

Fireman Threatened

A car caught on fire in Ardiya and firemen rushed tothe scene to put the fire out. When they finished their job and began writing their report, they saw liquor bottles inside the car. Shortly thereafter, detectives came by and told the firemen to forget about what they saw.

When the firemen said they wouldn’t and that they would report the matter, the detectives threatened the firemen at gunpoint.

Comment: Even Adventure Man had to laugh at that one, and said “it’s the Wild West out there, cowboys running around everywhere.”

Firemen and policemen are heroes in my book. And Kuwait has some good ones, true heroes. The bad ones, using their power for selfish gain – seem to be multiplying. Will the new face of the police force – bringing in non-Kuwaitis – make the force better, i.e. impartial enforcers of the law – or worse?

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