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The Qatteri Cat Loves Ramadan

We could hear the Qatteri Cat up last night, roaming around. He would “miaow” loudly, greeting our neighbors as they returned from the night-long prayers in the mosque. We can hear QC eating suhoor (before sunrise meal). When we got up, he looked as us groggily as if to say “you guys are crazy.”

The last days of Ramadan are tough, what with social events, feasting, and nightly prayers. Many are suffering from over-eating, lack of sleep, and unbalanced blood sugars during the day.

The Qatteri Cat’s got it made. This is his strategy for the last few days of Ramadan:


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Need for Vigorous Exercise

From BBC Health News.

“Misleading” government guidelines have led to many Britons wrongly believing that moderate exercise is as beneficial as a vigorous workout, a study alleges.
In a survey of nearly 1,200 people, around half of men and three quarters of women thought moderate exercise conferred the greatest health benefits.

Guidelines urge 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day five days per week.

But the authors of the study, published in Preventive Medicine, said vigorous exercise was best for averting disease.

The NHS guidelines say “taking a brisk walk, spending some time doing the gardening or doing a few laps of the local swimming pool on the way home from work” can all improve health.

But the researchers from Exeter and Brunel Universities said these activities were unlikely to do much for them.

“It’s extremely worrying that British adults now believe that a brief stroll and a bit of gardening is enough to make them fit and healthy,” said Dr Gary O’Donovan, lead author.

“Brisk walking offers some health benefits, but jogging, running and other vigorous activities offer maximal protection from disease.”


The article goes on to say that part of the problem is a series of studies with conflicting results. While any exercise is better than no exercise, vigorous exercise provides the maximum health benefits. You can read the rest of the article HERE.

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Pyramid Mosque

Does everyone call this the Pyramid Mosque? I know most people use it as a landmark, it is so distinctive. I’ve been trying to photograph it for people not living in Kuwait, and this is one of my tries.


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