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Craving Chocolate? Indulge!

You can read the entire article at BBC Health News, by clicking on this blue type.

Trying to cut out all thoughts of your favourite, fattening food may actually make you eat more, claims research. Women who tried to stop thinking about chocolate ate 50% more than those who were encouraged to talk about their cravings.

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This “rebound” effect could also apply to smokers, say the Hertfordshire University authors in Appetite journal.

Experts at Weight Watchers said a “varied diet” was the best way to lose weight.

Dr James Erskine, who led the project, recruited 134 students who were asked to either suppress all thoughts about chocolate, or talk about how much they liked it.

They were then asked to choose from two brands of chocolate, believing that it was this choice that was being recorded by the researchers.

However, the quantity they ate was recorded instead.

Women who had tried to suppress their cravings ate on average eight chocolates, while those who had talked freely about it ate five.

Men did not show the same effect, with the group told to talk about the snack eating more.

The article continues HERE.

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African Leadership Prize to Chissano

This is from BBC News: Africa and you can read the entire article by clicking on the blue type BBC News.

Former Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano has won the first Mo Ibrahim prize rewarding a retired African head of state for excellence in leadership.
Mr Chissano, who is credited with bringing peace to Mozambique, had been seen as a frontrunner for the prize.


The prize, announced by former UN head Kofi Annan, is worth $5m (£2.5m) over 10 years, and then $200,000 a year.

Mobile phone millionaire Mo Ibrahim is funding the project in the hope it will help improve governments’ performance.

The Sudanese businessman also hopes it will increase Africa’s self-sufficiency and bring a day when the continent’s people no longer need to live on aid.

His decision not to seek a third presidential term reinforced Mozambique’s democratic maturity
Kofi Annan on Joaquim Chissano

Mr Annan chaired the panel that awarded the prize, billed as the largest of its kind.

Mr Annan praised Mr Chissano for “his most outstanding contribution” to peace and democracy.

“This remarkable reconciliation between opponents provides a shining example to the rest of the world and is testament to both his strength of character and his leadership,” Mr Annan said.

Wider role
After winning independence from Portugal in 1975 Mozambique suffered a civil war that lasted until 1992. Mr Chissano was president from 1986 to 2005. He also served as chairman of the African Union in 2003 and 2004, and has worked as a UN envoy.

Mr Annan praised Mr Chissano’s role at home and more widely in Africa.

“His decision not to seek a third presidential term reinforced Mozambique’s democratic maturity and demonstrated that institutions and the democratic process were more important than personalities,” he said.

“He was a powerful voice for Africa on the international stage and played an important role in pushing debt relief up the agenda.”

Mr Chissano is something as a rarity in Africa as a leader who has left office with his reputation intact, says BBC southern Africa correspondent Peter Biles.

My comment: I love a prize that says “I caught you doing something good.” Mr. Chissano had no idea, when he was leading Mozambique, or when he chose to step down from power, that he would be competing for this prize. He led as he led, and he stepped down from power (imagine!) because he thought it was the best thing for his nation.

Some people has scoffed, called it a patronizing award. As if every country in the world doesn’t have its corruption! Africa needs shining examples of selfless leaders who can put the interests of the country in front of their own. Africa needs leaders who can unite diverse populations, drawn into nations by colonial powers, not along lines of ethnicity or religious differences.

I love it when a person does something good, without seeking reward, and then is spot lighted for the good work they have done.

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Why Skidboot?

On November 18 of last year, I published a short item, very short, four lines, on Skidboot. At the time, I was so new to blogging, I didn’t even know how to embed a YouTube video in the blog, so I just referred readers to the YouTube site.

For the last two weeks, it has been my top stat getter. I have Googled, I have tried everything I can think of to figure out why Skidboot? Why now, almost a year later?

If anyone coming here to read the Skidboot article will take a minute to tell me why, I would sure appreciate it. It’s not going to kill me not to know, but it is a mystery to me!

Here is the original video:

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