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“Can You Help Me Get to Bangladesh?”

I have a dilemma. I don’t know how to handle it.

I carry small bills with me, because I am often asked for money. I keep it so I always have money to give to the people who help me get groceries to my car, the people who deliver propane, people who give good service – I don’t mind. Part of the blessing of having work is the obligation to pass that blessing along to others. We know that God Almighty knows where there is real need, and he moves us to give where giving is needed; he gives us a little shove in our hearts.

Yesterday, a well dressed man with a steady job told me he wants to go home to Bangladesh to see his parents. Could I help him?

I understand about aging parents. I’ve made a few trips myself. I totally understand what it is like to be far away when crises strike. We have always had funds set aside for emergency trips, and, by the grace of God, we haven’t had to dip into those funds often.

“How can I help you?” I asked.

“I need money,” he responded.

Money for a ticket to Bangladesh – that’s not small change. Along with that thought is the thought that were I to “help” this man, word would get around, and I would have many people knocking on my door for serious help with funds.

I don’t think he wants the kind of help I could easily give – showing how to set up an account and contribute to it faithfully, letting the money accumulate until you reach your goal. I don’t think he wants to do what my parents did with me, and what we did with our son – matching funds. (You save up half and we will match your savings dollar for dollar.) He wants an outright big gift.

In our church, we sing a song that says “Freely, freely, you have received, Freely, freely give.” I’ve always believed that with all my heart, it is like a magnified spiritual Locard Exchange Principal especially for blessings; what you have received you give, and it comes back to you doubled, tripled, magnified.

We tend to give larger charitable donations to organizations that make the money work hard – Medicins Sans Frontiers, African schools, our church fund. I consider a ticket to Bangladesh a relatively large charitable donation, large especially for one individual, one individual who is well employed.

So I ask for your prayers for clear guidance. I am not feeling that shove in my heart.

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Early Wednesday Morning

Last night just after I turned out my light, I said to Adventure Man “don’t you love these cold winter evenings?” We had turned the A/C down a notch back when we had all that humidity, and I hadn’t turned it back up, so it feels refreshingly cool. Adventure Man, on the other hand, has his flannel nightshirt on; I was born in the cold winter of Alaska, and he was born in the heat of summer in the hot south. I love sleeping cold, he needs more covers.

Somehow, all these years, we’ve made it work.

I woke up early this morning, not jet lagging or anything, just rested and ready to start the day. It was five. I got my coffee and went out on the balcony – and it was wonderful! It was probably about 68°F – maybe about 20°C – and there was a slight wind blowing and it ALMOST chilly.

The sky was clear, and a deep cerulean blue, and you could see so many stars. Sunrise was still an hour away, but you could see a dim light beginning on the horizon. Oh wow. I love to start the day this way.

Miles to go before I sleep, so need to get through the morning business so I can get on with assorted projects. With this discernible change in the weather, with Kuwait entering the loveliest time of the year, I feel good about being out and about today.

Early dawn – sorry, I jiggled a little so the star isn’t so sharp

The sun has moved far to the south!

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