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Halloween Warning

When you eat too much candy, bad things happen.

This is so gross, and too funny.

Not for people with a weak stomach.


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Bad News Fortune Cookies

In our family, Chinese food is often a big family event. At the end of a magnificent meal, we each have to choose a cookie and read it out loud. One time, my son got such a good fortune that he refused to take another fortune cookie for about a year, saying that he wants the fortune he was saving to continue!

From The New York Times

Don’t Open this Cookie!

The messages in fortune cookies are typically vague, banal and optimistic. But some cookies are now serving up some surprisingly downbeat advice.

“Today is a disastrous day. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” reads one fortune showing up around the country.

“It’s over your head now. Time to get some professional help,” advises another.

As the messages, contained in cookies made by Wonton Food in Queens, have spread across the country, some diners have registered their reactions online. As a result, the company has a marketing challenge on its hands.

One blogger, who got the “professional help” fortune, wrote: “I shot the audacious baked item a dirty look and proceeded to eat it. And I hope it hurt.”

You can read the rest of the article at New York Times

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NY Cover Giggle

I can’t help it, this just gave me such a giggle.

From The New Yorker

The cartoon refers both to an American senator, Larry Craig, caught playing footsie with the cop in the next stall in the Minneapolis airport and Ahmadinajad playing footsie with nuclear power.

YouTubers had a field day with Craig’s guilty plea, and then reversal. Here is one:

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