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Qatteri Cat Gets Restless

Most of the time I am a morning person, but not this morning. The Qatteri Cat got restless around 3 a.m. He could come in, snuggle up, then run away and YOWL. He would jump at the door. He just couldn’t settle down.

I was sleeping the sleep of the just. I would half-hear him crying and pat the bed, which is our signal for “come snuggle up” and he would – for a few minutes, and then he would get restless again. I could not rouse myself to get up. Maybe a part of me knew there was a problem, but I couldn’t get past those sleep-waves.

Finally, around five thirty, I got up, did my morning things, fixed a cup of coffee and QC is nibbling at my ankles. Uh-oh, I know what that means.

I head for the Qatteri Cat’s small room and sure enough, I forgot to check it last night before going to bed. It is bone dry, there isn’t a single nibble left in the bowl. Qatteri Cat is hungry, and it IS hard to settle down when you are hungry. I filled his bowl, he ate ravenously, and now QC is snoozing blissfully, but I am wide awake.

November 7, 2007 - Posted by | Communication, Family Issues, Pets


  1. Awwww, how could you forget him? They are really smart, they wouldn’t bother you unless there is something, bored, thirsty, hungry, restless.

    Comment by Elijah | November 7, 2007 | Reply

  2. 😦 Poor baby & it happens sometimes that someone forgets to feed the cats bas it’s good that you woke up early

    Comment by Chika | November 7, 2007 | Reply

  3. awwww poor little cat man, nibbling at ur ankle! cats scare me so u have no idea how freaky that is to me

    Comment by Princess | November 7, 2007 | Reply

  4. Now wouldn’t it be fine if he could just help himself to that box of dry food?

    Comment by jewaira | November 7, 2007 | Reply

  5. Elijah, you are right. I just couldn’t make myself wake up. MY bad!

    Chika – I didn’t have any choice! QC would not let me sleep!

    Princess – Most cats wil never harm you unless they are scared or hurt. A cat born on the street will always have a wild cat inside. It can be controlled, but it is always there. He doesn’t hurt me, and he is very patient, but he definitely lets me know he is HUNGRY!

    Jewaira – No! You can see how “fluffy” he is – we have to be watch how much we feed him, because he (is forced to) lives indoors. If he could measure out a proper portion, now that would work!

    Comment by intlxpatr | November 7, 2007 | Reply

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