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Rockin’ Pizza

It was cold, so cold it was even . . . SNOWING! We were in the mood for pizza, and we had seen a tavern along the road that claimed a wood burning oven, which is our favorite kind of pizza. We ventured out in the cold and snow, made it to the tavern, and it turned out to have a rock theme.

It was a very fun place, with a fake old brick interior, booths, a stage – I guess for competing rock bands, but there weren’t any live bands that night – GREAT smells, and great looking pizzas coming out from the kitchen. It was called the Rock Tavern, and they played classic rock songs, some really old ones like from the ’50’s, too.

This is what it looked like inside:

Here is what I had; it was called Evil Ways, and had artichoke hearts, spinach, sundried tomatoes and a basil pesto cream sauce – oh YUMMMMM:

Adventure Man had Ripp’s Revenge, which had kalamata olives, marinated mushrooms and sundried tomatoes – also YUMMMMMMM:

By the time we left, it had stopped snowing and none had stuck.

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Christmas Card Santa

It’s time for that old tradition, sitting on Santa’s lap for the annual Christmas card. It’s funny, you warn your kid about strangers, and then once a year you stand in line waiting, and then plop your kid on this total stranger’s lap and expect him/her to smile for the camera. And some of those Santas are very scary looking! This one had a kindly look, and I didn’t hear any of the kids screaming. 😉


Note to Error – this is also taken at the Alderwood Mall.

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