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Big Diamond’s Bat-about

Oh Big Diamond, you can’t imagine. You have an eye for the very best gifts.


I’m sorry the shot is not clear. We can’t get the Qatteri Cat to stay still when he has the bat-about toy. This was the best of all the photos – most, the bat-about disappeared just as I was shooting. *dying laughing* He loved it from the minute it came out of the suitcase.

When we all woke up – around 3 this morning, it was the first thing the Qatteri Cat went for, even before his food. He loves the bat-about, and AdventureMan and I are rolling with laughter, watching him play with it. It is great exercise, and such fun for him – and for us.

It is one of the BEST Christmas gifts ever. Thank you!

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Two for Kinan

I wouldn’t know you if I passed you on the street, but you are my book-friend, and I am sorry for your recent illness. Your posts at Kinan’s Little Place Online are so addictive. You write so openly, and with such wit, that we feel like we know you, at least a little. In spirit, we form a kind of community, don’t we?

You know I love the sunrise. Every time I take one of these shots, I think of how you would enjoy it. These are for you, Kinan, to brighten your day and to wish you salaamat.

December 7

December 9

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Take That, Paxil!

One of the blog sites which has been using my blog content to attract people to its pages is Paxil Online. Here is the comment I left on their page today:

You seem to be lifting the content from several of my blog entries. I do not want to be associated with Paxil, which is an antidepressant associated with violence, suicide and anti-social behaviors in young men.

The young men who shocked the world in Columbine both had taken antidepressants. The most recent mass killing in the US was also by a young man who had been on antidepressants. The use of antidepressants by young men must be closely monitored; the big pharmacological firms don’t want you to know how often these medications are associated with thoughts of suicide, hallucinations, violent and anti-social behavior.

I don’t think they will be lifting this content! 🙂

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