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Shrimp Or Clam Salad

This is a great salad to take to a potluck / covered dish lunch. It can be made with either clams of shrimp, and can be made more or less spicy by the addition of Tabasco sauce.


Shrimp / Clam Salad

3 cups freshly cooked hot rice
3 -4 Tablespoons Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise
2 Tbls cocktail sauce (or ketchup + horseradish)
2 -3 chopped green onions
i stalk chopped celery
1/2 cup chopped sweet pickle
12 – 16 oz cooked frozen shrimp
2 cans whole clams, drained (use the clam liquid as part of the water for cooking the rice)

Cook rice, add solid ingredients (no need to thaw shrimp if rice is hot). Add sauces and very little pepper to the rice. Stir, cover and refirgerate until cold. Serve on lettuce leaves, if serving individually.

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Stinni’s New Blog?

About twice a day for the last few days, I have seen new blog messages from Stinni. Stinni? you there? Hello?

What’s going on, Stinni? I am guessing you are trying some new formats, maybe working on moving your blog from one place to another?

We are waiting, Stinni! We are eager to see what you come up with! All these teasers are building up the suspense!

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Rich WordPress Upgrade

Today WordPress announced a huge increase in free upload space: Free Space to Three Gigabytes.

“Today, one of those developments comes to fruition — everyone’s free upload space has been increased 60x from 50mb to 3,000mb. To get half that much space (1GB) at our nearest competitor, Typepad, you’d pay at least $300 a year. We’re doing the same thing for free.”

They also announced, important to people like me who like to illustrate heavily with photos, that if you bought a 1GB upgrade, it is now a 5GB upgrade, at no extra charge.

i iz blogginz / leef IÂ alonze
moar funny pictures

I upgraded when I got up to 75% capacity, but never even reached 1% or capacity yet. I feel like the (space) richest woman in the world today!

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Hummos Wa Burghul


Do you see that black stone dish on the table, the one that has a dish in it called Hummos wa Burghul (Chickpeas and Cracked Wheat?)

I am trying to find a recipe to make it. Please, if you are Syrian or Jordanian, and you know how to make this, or maybe you have a mom or an aunt who knows how to make this, would you please share your recipe with me?

I found one recipe, for a Burghul Pilaf, from a 1959 Lebanese cookbook. It calls for 1 1/4 lbs of butter. (!!! AACK !!!) I remember it really did taste buttery, it was really yummy, but that sure seems like a lot of butter!

It was delicious. I’d really like to try to make it, if someone out there can help me out.

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