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Exercise to Counter Mild Depression

Today in BBC Health News something we all knew intuitively, but studies are showing it to be true – if you are depressed, exercise can help deal with the symptoms.


Exercise aids depression, say GPs

Doctors are increasingly prescribing exercise for people with depression, mental health campaigners have found. In a survey of 200 English GPs, the Mental Health Foundation found 22% suggest exercise to help people with milder forms of the condition.

This compares with just 5% in a similar survey three years ago.

The foundation said it was important that doctors did not just prescribe antidepressants for patients, and looked for other options.

Tackling isolation

Research has shown that exercise can help people with mild forms of depression by improving self-esteem – through better body image or achieving goals, and by relieving feelings of isolation which can fuel their depression.

It also releases feel-good brain chemicals such as endorphins.

You can read the entire article HERE>

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Need Exercise . . .

Why is it that rainy cloudy days make you sleepier? It was extra dark this morning, no sunrise to speak of, a great morning just to snuggle back down under the covers for some extra snooze time.

I know this is perfect exercise weather. I just can’t seem to force myself to JUST DO IT!

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