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Kuwait Weirdness

This is such a small thing, but just TOO WEIRD! In the tiny little weather forecast in today’s Kuwait Times, it says that today’s weather will reach a high of 48°C and tonight will reach a low of 32°C. Like Weather Underground says 24°C/14° – that’s very different. It was hot today, but much more like 24° than a summery 48°C (118.4°F.)

More weirdness – isn’t there any warning when a major road is going to close, you know, like GULF ROAD??? I was caught in the quagmire today, trying to get home and not able to get on Gulf Road and seeing all the north-south major roads in total gridlock. What is this??? I never saw a word, not in Arab Times, not in Kuwait Times, not in the blogs – did anyone know this was coming?

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Lighten Up!

More from Arab Times – guys, it’s just for fun. It’s just a day for sweet cards and taking your sweetie out for dinner – this isn’t a pagan anything.

Seeing red on roses … Group warns on Valentine’s Day

KUWAIT : Thawabet Al Umma, an Islamic group, has condemned the celebration of Valentine’s Day and warned the media against misguiding Muslims by “glorifying such pagan practices.” The media is playing an important role in popularizing such celebrations and leading Islamic nations on the path of disbelief, the group added. “Such traditions are imported from the West, and people blindly follow them without looking into the good and bad aspects. Participating in such celebrations will tarnish the image of Islam.”

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WordPress Summarizes Referrers

I was just roaming around, and discovered that the Summarize feature is also working on Referrers, in WordPress. What an eye opener – see where the majority of your visitors have come from through the entire life of your blog!

You go to your Blog Stats page, click Referrers, and you will see a range of options, including Quarter and Life Time of the Blog. Click any for the summary of all your referrers. Amazing.

Oh wow. I just checked Search Engine Terms – it’s there, too, and they also have a summary by year! And in the Clicks section! (The all-time top click is for my niece, Little Diamond, followed by I Can Has Cheezburger.

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Feb 24 Off Day in Kuwait

Headline on today’s Arab Times:

Feb 24 ‘off’ in Kuwait

KUWAIT (KUNA): Sunday, Feb 24, has been approved as a rest day as it falls between a weekend and the National and Independence Days official holidays said Deputy Premier and State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Faisal Al-Hajj on Monday.

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Sunrise 12 Feb 2008 With Clouds

It was a spectacle this morning – the sun fighting it’s way through the clouds, rays of light forcing their way through. I felt like it was a special gift to get the day going!

It is SO hot! The temperature yesterday got up to 70° something and it is already 63°F/17°C at 0800. Whew!




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