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Mabooch Kuwaiti

I am on an endless quest to find things actually made in Kuwait. I have actually found a few things – The Sadu House on Arab Gulf Drive, up near the Souk Sharq has a fine selection of hand woven trimmed gift items, from time to time I can find something originally Kuwaiti in the antique souks or at the Friday market, I have found locally grown vegetables in the Sultan Center and yesterday I found Mabooch Kuwaiti in the local co-op.


It looks a lot like the hot peppery sauce used in some Chinese cuisines, so I thought I would give it a try. As I looked a little closer at the jar, I saw this:


Do YOU see it?

It is less hot and more vinegary than the Chinese peppery sauce. Can you tell me how it is used?

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Gulf Moonlight

It has taken me months to get this shot. It helped that I discovered my camera had a night scenery mode, and then it just took taking enough shots with enough stabilization for the camera (can’t find the tripod) so that it didn’t look like three moons because I breathed during the 2.5 seconds the shutter had to be open to catch the glitter on the glassy waters of the Gulf:


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Stealing My Ideas?

Yesterday I was happily working in the project room. The Qatteri Cat, feeling neglected, came yowling back a few times, then went and got his baby and came back to be with me, and went to sleep. He looked so sweet. We don’t know what the baby is all about. Maybe he is lonely? Maybe we all need something small to comfort us when we are feeling neglected? All we know is that wherever we are, the QC will bring his baby back to be with us – and then, often he will leave it, as if we are the baby sitters or something.

So here is the Qatteri Cat and his baby:


You know when your cat – or your child – does something so sweet, you kind of think he’s the only one in the world that has ever done something that cute?

When I checked in with I Can Haz Cheezburger? this morning, I found this:

Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

I think they must have plucked the thoughts out of my brain. :-/

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Drama Queen Sunrise

Drama drama drama – there was a thick band of something on the horizon today, and then gorgeous fluffy clouds above. The sun couldn’t even fight it’s way through the sludge of the thick band, but finally, it began to rise above:


It is a warm 54°F/12°C early this morning and going up to 77°F/25°C at its peak today. Just warm enough – nor warmer, please!

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