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Al Ahmadi Minaret


I see a lot of new mosques going up in Kuwait, and I see a lot of renovations. I just wish someone would spruce up this beautiful old minaret in Al Ahmadi. Looks to me like it is well-built, just needs a new coat of paint. And then I start to wonder, do mosques have committees, like churches do? We have the committee for the church grounds, the committee to take care of the altar, the committee to welcome new members, the committee to work with church school programs for the children . . . it goes on and on!

Do mosques have citizens committees?

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Cell Phone Terrorist

I have my own personal terrorist. Somehow, somewhere, he got my phone number. If I forget to turn my cell phone off, he calls at around 2 in the morning. If I just hang up, he calls again.


He called me last night, again. After two calls (I wasn’t awake enough the first time to think about turning my phone off) I did turn the phone off and first thing this morning, cup of coffee in hand, I called him back.

He answered, sounding very confused and sleepy, and maybe Bangladeshi.

“I think you have the wrong number,” I said, and hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, he called again.

“Wrong number,” I said, and hung up.

AdventureMan asks me why I don’t put the phone on silent. I guess I could, but I would probably forget to put it back on ring the next day. I could leave the phone in another room at night, and I probably will.

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More Dust 5 March 2008


This is what the morning looks like. There is dust in the air, there is dust on my windows. This dust is not like sand blowing around; there isn’t anything accumulating on the roads, at least from what I can see. The temperature has dropped once again, and it is 57°F / 14°C at 0630 with “heavy blowing widespread dust”.

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