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Jazeera: Istanbul 9 KD

e-mail from Jazeera airlines – sale on now!

Istanbul from KD 9!

Considered the gateway of Europe, Istanbul quintessentially eastern city, with glittering mosques and decorative splendor. The city has a rich history to explore, with beautiful wooden Byzantine architecture, fascinating museums, and the most glorious mosques. Sample the delicious mezze and kebobs, stroll around the markets and bazaars, enjoy a cup of apple tea and absorb the lively atmosphere.

The jewel of Turkey now has a special place in our website. Check out, and explore the most amazing photos, get hold of the latest accommodation, restaurants, currency, and weather information. Fly to Istanbul…even without leaving your house.

Flight schedule:

Kuwait – Istanbul Istanbul – Kuwait
Thursdays DEP: 07:55 / ARR: 11.30 DEP: 12.15 / ARR 15.45
Saturdays DEP: 18.15 / ARR: 21:50 DEP: 22.35 / ARR: 02.05
Mondays DEP: 18.15 / ARR: 21:50 DEP: 22.35 / ARR: 02.05

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MacDonalds MacKrisby

This is for my stateside readers. Wherever you go, except for Syria, there seems to be a MacDonalds. The funny thing is, in different countries, they have different specialties, things you never see in the USA. For example, while we lived in Qatar, they had a special called the MacArabia, which was kind of like a local fast food, but on a more Western bun. It was no where near as tasty as the local equivalent, but I think they add things to the menu to appeal to people forced to eat there when the kids insist. I am only guessing; I can’t even remember the last time I had anything from MacDonalds.

In Kuwait, they have added a new sandwich, the MacKrispy, a breaded fried chicken thing, sort of like a great big dry chicken nugget. Because Arabic does not have a “p”, the literal translation of the word (you can see it down by the little golden arches) is MacKrisby.


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2nd Amaryllis: For Mom

Mom, the second amaryllis is in full bloom, two full blooms and one more to come! I don’t know why it took the second one so much longer than the first one, except that the first one actually started sending out the stem while it was still in the box!

This has been one of my very favorite Christmas gifts. Thank you!


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Silvery Sunrise 18 Mar 08

The day is all silvers and greys, greys lit from within by the sun, shimmering greys:


It is 66°F / 19°C at 0800.

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